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React + Mobx + Webpack + Express (also supports client rendering)

At present, most websites still have a multi-page structure, but in fact, a website can be made into a SPA. For example, YouTube is a SPA. The company's recent projects are in the form of single-page application rendered by react+ Mobx server. So I pulled the project out and got rid of the business code and kept a shelf to share.

I'm too lazy to leave anything behind. Learn how to React server rendering (React SSR

There are also a lot of SSR about React on the Internet, but they are not detailed enough, and some even make beginners confused. In this article, I will introduce you step by step to configure React SSR from 0, so that everyone who reads this article can use it. Next, let's look at wepack-dev-server and Hot Module Replac...

Remember a Webpack share

Make writing a habit together! This is the second day of my participation in "Digging gold Day New Plan · April More text challenge", click to view the activity details i. Webpack basic introduction official website picture ii. Disadvantages: You need to enter an entry file each time

Service Worker Learning and Practice (I) -- Offline caching

The Service Worker essentially acts as a proxy server between the Web application and the browser, and can also act as a proxy between the browser and the network when the network is available. They are designed, among other things, to enable the creation of an effective offline experience, intercept network requests and take appropriate action based on whether the network is available and whether updated resources reside on the server. They also allow access to push notifications and post...

Webpack V5 + React scaffolding configuration

At present, the company has a new project requirement, and I have also considered many libraries or frameworks, but I still think they are not suitable, they are too heavy or cumbersome, so I plan to build one by myself with Webpack5.

The core configuration of webpack5

The core configuration of WebPack5 is described, including Sourcemap, loaders and plugins. It also describes how to separate development and production environments

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