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React - Webpack builds the React environment from scratch

Original intention of this article: Most of my projects are developed with create-React-app. From development to packaging, I just type commands and don't see webpack.config.js configuration file. The importance of learning Webpack is self-evident, even though there are already on the market...

Relearn Webpack (2) -- the five core concepts of Webpack

The entry point (entry point) indicates that WebPack should use this module to build its internal dependency diagram (dependency diagram). Upon entering the entry point, WebPack finds modules and libraries that are (directly and indirectly) dependent on the entry point. The default is./ SRC /index.js, but you can specify an entry property by configuring it in the Webpack configuration.

Talk about Webpack for your own brick-moving experience

Before talking about Webpack, let's talk about the concept of front-end modular 1. Front-end modular why need front-end modular: namespace problem, because there is no modular, so variable names, method names in the code is easy to be overwritten by users without knowing, easy to cause problems

The React project uses SVG

It is recommended to use After downloading, you can use it as an image, but it is not easy to change its color. It is not good to distinguish active buttons from inactive buttons. Installation: To install svG-sprite-Loader and svGo-loader, run yarn add SV...

Use Webpack4 to build a Vue based component library

Several projects in charge of the group all had some common components, so we set up a common component development scaffolding. It was the first time to develop library, so we built it by referring to the configuration of iView. Document how to use Webpack4 to scaffolding a library and then write configuration files. The directory structure of the library I wrote is as follows, only for...

Do you really master loader? 10 q - loader

1. Loader ten questions in the process of learning Webpack Loader, I also read a lot of relevant articles on the Internet, harvest a lot. However, most of them only introduce loader configuration mode or Loader writing mode, and the introduction of parameters, API and other details is not clear. Maybe you have a similar question. Next I will combine loader related parts...

Webpack-03: Performance optimization

1, devtool sourcemap devtool Settings soucre - map / / there will be a map file, the source to bundle file mapping level 1: the source -- the map is very detailed code to bu

Webpack learning summary

Explanation: in the hook back and forth, repeatedly learning webpack several times, finally the webpack related context clear. By default, webpack can only process JS, and only one default JS-loader is required. If you need to process other types of files, you need to configure other loaders, such as CSS-loader and TS-loader. Match...

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