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Webpack packages koA project configuration parsing

When I first got in touch with Webpack, I was very concerned about its complicated configuration. Later, as I gradually did more projects and understood more, I became familiar with it and deeply understood its benefits. Whether doing front-end projects, or using Node to do back-end projects, as long as js related, can use WebPack auxiliary construction, it can provide ES6 syntax support, development hot update, part...

Webpack was upgraded from 2.5.1 to 4.44.2

Webpack upgrade involves the abandonment of some plug-ins and the replacement of new plug-ins, this article is webpack2.5.1 upgrade to 4.44.2 process encountered several error solutions, in fact, there are many problems, forget to organize can only remember so much, I hope I can organize more in the future

Webpack series learning - multi-page packaging

Preface: the author study webpack knowledge from the foundation to the principle to write a series, in order to review. Hope to help more friends who are learning Webpack. Create each folder in the SRC directory, such as the search folder. In the search folder, create index.html and index.js. Everything else. Development environment on, online environment off...

【 practical 】 WebPack4 + EJS + Express takes you through a multi-page application project architecture

Recently, I accepted a project on the company's official website, which needs SEO friendly, so I can't use the front-end frame, and the scaffolding tools that come with the front-end frame naturally can't help. We had to use Webpack4 + EJS + Express to build a multi-page application project architecture from scratch. In the process of building, encountered many pits, however, the relevant reference on the Internet is very little, so write a blog...

Webpack4.0 CheatSheet

Bothered by webPack configuration? Here is a configuration of WebPack from easy to advanced. It comes with a configuration address. Do you want one? No, you don't. Do your own configuration. Create-react-app has created a new configuration for webPack. This is a new configuration for create-React-app.

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