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Webpack Introductory Configuration Guide

Let/const/ arrow function /... / new/class/Promise Before entering, learn about some tools. Translate JS with webpack, understand the use of hash, generate HTML, introduce CSS, introduce SCSS, introduce less and stylus, introduce images, implement lazy loading, click to go to the corresponding module...

I met Webpack

Webpack is a popular front-end project construction tool (packaging tool), which can solve the dilemma faced by the current Web development, and is the embodiment of engineering and automation ideas in the front-end development. The e focus of work on the implementation of specific functions, improve the development efficiency and project maintainability. NPX webpack -v check whether the installation is successful.

Webpack5 + babel7 climb pit

The official version of WebPackage 5 has been released for 2 months, I believe everyone is eager to upgrade and experience the function of "true fragrance". The main building tool of our team has been upgraded to the latest WebPackage 5.x+babel7.x, after a month, we stepped on many holes. After the use of Webpack 5 package size, continuous compilation speed has a very good improvement on Webpack...

Webpack multi-page packaging practice

Not long ago, I wrote a Webpack multi-page boilerplate(Webpack 4-Boilerplate) from scratch, which is convenient for future work out of the box. We hereby record the key points in the development process. However, the reality is that in many scenarios, the single-page application development model does not work. For example, companies often develop some activity pages: the above three pages are not at all...

Webpack 5 - Why WebPack

To understand why we use WebPack, let's take a look back at how we used JavaScript on the Web before packaging tools came along...

The webpack dllPlugin

Generally our code is divided into two parts, the business code (build) and the third party library (ventor). Webpack packages both parts at the time of processing, but third-party libraries are generally stable, and in this case,

An experience doing Webpack performance optimization | Project Review

Looking back, I have been doing front-end development for more than 3 years, and most of the projects I have done are business requirements iteration, with relatively little experience in technical optimization. Last year, thanks to the trust of the leader, he gave us the opportunity to start the technical optimization of the company's project. The first task of technical optimization is performance optimization (compilation optimization + build volume optimization) for the overall front-end project. Project Description: Our team is mainly engaged in SaaS projects...

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