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WebGL Shader

Data type modifier (WebGL1.0) Vertex shader predefined variable Fragment shader predefined variable Example WebGL1.0 WebGL2.0 - Shader 1

WebGL Lesson 2: Write a circle

In the middle of the screen, draw a circle with radius 1. With that in mind, we're going to do a little bit of that in this lesson. If I were given a real pen, I could accomplish this little goal in an instant. It's so easy. Because we humans understand this goal: middle of the screen, radius 1, circle. But the WebGL guy doesn't understand that description, so let's be a little more mathematical. WebGL...

Curve two (Bessel curve)

Disadvantages of power-based curves are not natural in interaction design: the coefficient {a_i} is not geometrically profound in the representation of the shape of the curve. Another point is that a designer usually wants to specify termination conditions at the beginning and end of the curve, rather than just having more power at the beginning

WebGL is a PBR Viewer parser

Viewer address initial color and map color and vertex color Multiple colors are multiplied opacity set a to 1.0 only color bonus

WebGL Lesson 13: Vector exercises elementary students can understand

For a new knowledge, how to quickly grasp it, it is impossible, must continue to strengthen the memory. In this paper, through a few exercises, to strengthen everyone's grasp of the vector. Why elementary school students can understand, because the only operation is addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Xiao Ming has five candies

Ray casting (Supplementary)

In the previous article, we only described how to judge whether a ray intersects a triangle, but we missed an important information, that is, the distance between the ray and the point where the triangle intersects. This distance is very important because we need to know which object is closest to the origin of the ray when a ray passes through multiple objects


From the isometric histogram projection to the cubemap, use the isometric histogram directly to obtain the environment information, but these operations are relatively expensive and the performance of sampling the cubemap directly is higher

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