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WebGL Gaussian blur

(6 messages) WebGL Smart Building Glow Effect Algorithm series gaussian Blur _Netcy column -CSDN blog _WebGL Halo Gaussian blur value, it seems that it is common to apply the gaussian blur algorithm in the vertical direction first; Horizontal direction based on vertical blur

Filament lighting system

Platform features ● cross-platform, support Android, IOS, Linux, maxOS, Windows ● C++, Java, JavaScript API ● underlying graphics library support OpenGL 4.1+, OpenGL

Introduction to texture mapping in WebGL

Texture mapping can add skin to an image, mapping an image or image onto a geometric figure. Its function is to color each previously rasterized slice according to the texture image (the pixels that make up the texture image are also called strixels).

Lighting effect in 3D scene based on HTML5 WebGL

In addition to creating models, setting colors and textures for models, lighting effects are also needed to better reflect the scenes in the real world. This example I think both beautiful and representative strong, so take out to share with you. The main lessons in the above scenario included THE Flowing OF 3D Light and 3D models. 1. The scene...

First introduction to WebGL

WebGL is a technology that renders 3D/2D graphics in a browser. It provides a set of JavaScript apis that are used on the Canvas element, allowing Web developers to draw 3D graphics in the browser without plug-ins. Although the development uses JavaScript interface, but ultimately called the hardware device underlying O...

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