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A year-long journey to switch the front-end technology framework

On an ordinary workday in early 2020, when I was concentrating on something, I received an espace voice from a Mae-Access front-end technical expert. I was told that the front-end technical framework used by the Mae-Access domain needed to be switched from AngularJS1.x to React by the end of 2020. On receiving the news, I was mixed with sadness and joy, opportunities and challenges. This journey to switch the front-end technology framework is inevitable, but how to start and how to end.

"Implementing Web performance testing at no cost -- based on Apache JMeter." PDF

Focus on "Java Back-end Technology full stack" ** Reply "Interview" Get full interview Materials Why do performance testing? Let's look at some statistics: 71% of users expect to be able to open web pages on their phones as fast as they do on their computers; Five seconds is considered the maximum user response time, and 50% of mobile users give up if the response time is longer than five seconds. 33% disappointed users will use competing products instead; Users try the same performance problem three times and 50% of them won't use the app again...

How to implement JS to VUE value transfer

Abstract: In the process of project development, the component is generated by rendering () function, and the custom drag and drop instruction is defined inside the component. The custom drag and drop directive specifies a series of logical actions that can be performed by the user, such as dragging and scaling elements.

Cross-source/Domain Solutions: A New Approach

Following up on the popular cross-source/domain solutions of the past, this article talks about cross-source solutions of modern standards (post-HTML5). The basic concepts are in the old chapters. For beginners, be sure to read the old chapters first. Matching demo case portal. My personal ability is limited, welcome criticism and correction.

Day 30: Play Framework -- The Java Developer's Dream Framework

Today is the last day and I decided to learn about the Play framework. I originally wanted to write about Scala, but after studying it for a few hours, I realized that it was impossible to write Scala in one day. So today I will cover the basics of the Play framework, and then learn how to use it to develop applications.

Why learn Python? What can Python do?

What is Python? Python is a dynamic, object-oriented scripting language, which is easy to learn, rich libraries, easy to maintain, portability and so on. Many students, both in school and in the workplace, want to learn Python to improve their skills. What does Python do? What can Python do? 1. Web development. Python can combine HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, and so on to develop a website. 2...

"Building high-performance Web sites" study note 03

Chapter 3 Concurrent Handling Capacity of the Server 3.1 Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity: The number of requests handled by the Web server per unit of time Maximum Capacity Capacity: The maximum number of requests that the server can handle per unit of time Stress test: Simulate a large number of concurrent users continuously sending HTTP requests, calculate the total duration of the test, and calculate the throughput rate accordingly. (Generally, the model is simplified and stress tests are performed on representative specific requests.)3.1.1 Preconditions for stress testing Number of concurrent users: at some point...

Day 27: Restify -- Building the correct REST Web service in Node.js

Today I decided to learn a Node.js module called restify. The Restify module makes it much easier to write the correct REST API in Node.js, and it also provides out-of-the-box support such as version control, error handling, CORS, and content negotiation. It borrows heavily from Express (intentionally), as this is more or less the de facto API for writing web applications on Node.js and storing data in MongoDB.

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