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Start the journey with typescript+ JSX in VUE

More and more companies are embracing typescript because it makes code more readable and maintainable, and many companies now use typescript. Vue, one of the most popular frameworks in the country, has always been unfriendly to typescript extensions. Now, with the help of vue-class-Component and vue-property-decorator...

JS plugin, one click copy, clipboard.js use record

The appearance of clipboard.js is a good solution to this problem. It is not only small in size, but also very convenient to use. It can be completed in a few lines of code, and can realize the function of copying browser content to the system clipboard with pure JavaScript (no Flash).

VUE to obtain the SMS verification code, countdown

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SEO optimization scheme of Vue project

Problem Description: When using VueJs to develop projects, due to the characteristics of single page project (SPA), only an HTML file will be output, which is not conducive to search engine optimization. For some projects that rely on search promotion, there is a big pain point. However, the efficiency of traditional JS+HTML

Reusability component details

5. One-way data flow Is a one-way flow, that is, the parent component passes data to the child component when it changes, but not the other way around. The parent component is decoupled as much as possible to prevent the child component from inadvertently modifying the state of the parent component. Conclusion: Use humps except in HTML. 1. Custom events - Child component passes data to parent component using V-ON except...

How to deploy vue CLI3 static pages using Gitee Pages

Without further ado, let's take a look at what Gitee Pages are. Note: During the packaging process, dist files are not ignored by default, so our online code will not be able to get the latest dist folder. All we need to do is comment out the /dist in.gitignore. 1. We selected the code branch and changed the deployment directory to dist so THAT I...

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