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A year of front-end interview to upgrade the road (I)

2017 bachelor's degree, hangzhou, front-end program yuan. Before April 17, SHE was a cute girl with UI. She positioned herself as an interactive god and was keen on researching product user experience. In March, 2017, I entered the company as an intern of UI design. Due to the uncertain prospect of UI development, I decided to transfer to the front of the company after a period of careful consideration (a pat on the head), and learned by myself for a period of time and followed by the experience.

Brief talk series (Vue3) V-model

Custom components are defined using the V-Model in ve2. X, in custom components in ve3. X version the same v-Model is used in custom components inside the above modelValue,(custom components inside) custom

[Vue] Diff algorithm

The core of the DIFF algorithm is the traversal of two arrays, but it is optimized on this basis, so that the actual time complexity of the DIFF is close to N in most cases

To answer the caching principle of keep-alive components from the source point of view

Today I'll get straight to a question I was asked in the interview: how the Keep-Alive component cache works. In the example of the official website, TAB switching saves the user's operations. In practice, it is possible to skip from the list page to the details page, and then jump back to the list page to save the user's filtering operations, which needs to be used. Keep-alive >, which also avoids re-shading...

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