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Vue3 Composition API Introduction project

Vue3 has been around for a while now, and Composition API has always been something I wanted to learn. Suitable for beginners: It's also written in TS.

Vue3 ref toRef and toRefs

The Vue3 Composition API adds three new concepts, REF, toRef, and toRefs. Spend a lot of time researching, writing down your notes, and updating your knowledge base later if there are further applications in the project

Learn how to use Vue filter

1. Global writing definition: Use: Practice: use filter to hide 4 digits in the middle of mobile phone number. First define filter: Use filter: Final effect: 2. Partial writing (to be added later)

Vue. Js is introduced

Vue. Js introduction 1, what is the progressive JavaScript framework 2, advantages (1) small size (2) more efficient running: based on the virtual DOM, a kind of can be pre-calculated through JavaScript, the final DOM

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