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Vue automatic component registration tips

Automatic registration component We usually introduce the registration component like this. Each time you need to import it in the header, register it, and use it in the template. So, is there a more convenient and quick way? We might as well. Create a file called Globalrc.js, assuming we have

A new member of Vue ecology -Pinia

Pinia is a state management solution for Vue applications, developed by members of the Vuex core team. It feels more like a regular old javascript import module that implements a lot of vex5 proposals. Pinia supports both Vue2 and Vue3, but this is shown below

Cutting through the heart of Vue - responsive source code analysis

I promised to explore all parts of the core process of Vue by means of source code parsing. Today, I will enter the source code parsing of the second part of the responsive principle part. The promise is a little late. For a pat, first analysis of the working principle or before the routine, reading source...

Write the Element Form by hand

Handwritten elment form components, mainly to achieve input, formItem, form components of the basic functions. Form rules and data are managed in the same way, and each form item can be verified independently or globally

Vue3.0 responsive principle is realized

Proxy Proxy and defineProperty Object. Defineproperty is a get and set listener for every attribute on the Object, so the attribute needs to be iterated during compilation, and at the same time, nothing is added for the attribute

Front-end communication scheme based on QWebChannel

Recently, I've been working on some Qt desktop hybrid applications. This paper will discuss the nature of QWebChannel's client-side instantiation from the perspective of the front end, and how to integrate QWebChannel into vue.js and other similar front-end frameworks. You first need to be able to fully understand JS...

Form-create 2.0 is released! Make it easy and don't worry about forms

Form-create is a form generator that generates dynamic rendering, data collection, validation, and submission capabilities from JSON. It also supports generating any Vue component. With the built-in 17 common form components and custom components, no form is too complex to handle.

Finish Vuex principle, the interviewer got up and drank a cup of tea ?

Preface unknowingly found that many articles now around the interview, I also come to dawdle this atmosphere. I believe that for the siege lion whose technology stack is VUE, it is far from enough to just apply VUE. The text is mainly expanded by vuex, the state manager. Let's write a text that belongs to us

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