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Old programmers can't escape three destinies

Recently, I read that James Gosling, known as the "father of Java", had a problem with his age in the interview, but was eventually hired due to his special status in the industry. The real reason was to raise company awareness. What about us? Will we ever be lucky enough to be hired by a company that has other values beyond programming? A lot of people have mentioned that being a coder is...

What happens if YOU put null in json?

I use httpClient to do interface testing process, encountered a request system resources interface. If the version number is null, the system will obtain the latest resource information. If the version number is null, the system will update the local cache data if the version number is not updated. I wrote a method, number...

How can the development team achieve efficient development with more overtime and more failures

How to get every cute engineer to work less and no overtime? Zhang Guannan, alibaba's technical expert, has rich experience and experience in quality assurance system construction, continuous integration, agile practice and R&D effectiveness. Today, Guan Nan will use the actual case of Ali R&D team to vividly illustrate how to use data to drive the improvement of R&D efficiency.

ApiTestEngine is no longer limited to API testing

It has been almost half a year since I wrote best Engineering Practices for Interface Automation Testing (APT Engine). In this period of time, ApiTestEngine through continuous iteration, has fully realized the original preset goals. However, ApiTestEngine was designed with only the most general-oriented API interface types in mind: HTTP response content is JS...

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