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About UniApp (based on UView framework development) some JS file configuration

Install NPM dependency {code... } for the development environment, please base URL: appconfig. ServerURL in http.interceptor.js file, add conditional compilation, as follows: {code... } the development environment cross-domain configuration vue.config.js formal environment can be HTTP. Interceptor. js file baseURL: AppConfig. ServerURL conditional compilation is removed to the following form {code... } Subsequent domain name change also modify vue.config.js and...

UniApp gets the notification contents and listens for notification information

Brief introduction of the use of Android native SDK developed an Android UniApp plug-in, this plug-in only supports Android, IOS does not support. Android native SDK extension permissions have been configured in the plug-in, directly cloud packaging or custom packaging base to run. The specific packing method will not be elaborated here. [link] Support to get the notification bar of the specified APK, also support to listen on all notifications. .

Use the UView UI framework on a UniApp project

Preface (nonsense) ---- don't look also line just work soon, the company directly gave a new project, WeChat small program, often hear the group has a small partner with these two sets of development, the feeling is very sweet, so I decided to use this set full UniApp to create UniApp easy, I was a little confused when referencing UView... Decide on the whole tutorial. If it can't be used according to my method, please remind me. I will update or delete it, so as to avoid later friends being...

VUE mobile terminal license plate selector implementation abstract

Recently I was working on a small program, which has an internal vehicle management system and requires users to input license plate information. However, I didn't find a VUE component that particularly meets my own needs on the Internet. Therefore, I combed the relevant points and made a license plate selector based on VUEJS that can run in the small program

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