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Detailed UML class diagram

The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is a generic, third-generation Modeling and specification Language. UML is an open method for describing, visualizing, building, and writing the artifacts of an ongoing, object-oriented, software-intensive system. UML is divided into models and graphics. Differentiating UML models from UML diagrams is...

What have I learned from writing tech blogs? - J_Knight_

My name is J_Knight_, and those of you who know me well know that I'm a non-trained iOS developer who's been working for just over 3 years and has been writing a tech blog for almost 2 1/2 years. In fact, I have been wanting to share my blog thoughts since last year, but I haven't found the right opportunity. Just before the end of this year, I reached the small goal of having more than ten thousand fans of the Nuggets, so I just want to take this opportunity to share...

Spring container IOC initialization process - finally concludes today

As a back-end programmer who often uses Spring, Xiaobian has long wanted to thoroughly understand the whole Spring framework! But it is very large overall, all the inheritance diagram is very complex, plus xiaobian practice is still shallow, appears to be powerless. However, today, let's start from the initialization of Spring IOC container. Even if we can't complete the complete master of the whole Spring framework...

Understand class diagrams in UML

Class diagram is composed of four parts: class name, attribute layer, method layer and property layer. Except the class name must exist, other layers can be omitted. The class name in the class diagram is concrete if it is in font, or abstract if it is in italics

Java Engineers Must have UML timing diagrams

A Sequence Diagram, also known as a Sequence Diagram, Sequence Diagram, or Sequence Diagram, is a UML interaction Diagram. It shows dynamic collaboration between multiple objects by describing the chronological order in which messages were sent between them.

UML use case diagram detailed

A Use Case Diagram is a Diagram that shows a set of Use cases, actors, and the relationships between them. It describes how users want to use a system. The use case diagram shows who are the relevant users of the system, what services they want the system to provide, and what services they need to provide for the system. Used to describe the functional requirements and usage scenarios of the system to be developed. ...

Read UML timing diagrams

The first diagram of requirements design is usually the use case diagram. What is the second diagram? The second figure is directly relevant to the developer. Today, we're going to talk about what should an architect or an engineer prepare before coding?

Six Principles of Object-oriented Design (with Demo & UML class diagrams)

I would like to systematically learn knowledge about design patterns before the end of my third year in iOS. Before learning Design patterns, I think it is more necessary to learn several Design principles of Object Oriented Design (Object Oriented Design) to lay a foundation for the later learning of Design patterns. In the next chapter, I will explain each of these design principles by...

Read UML use case diagrams

When you have a business case in mind, how do you present it to your boss? A big block of text, or write a Demo? The boss is busy, and the boss may not understand the "fancy" technology you are talking about. Is there a way of presenting it that is cheaper to implement but contains more information? Yes, draw a picture!

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