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TypeScript VS JavaScript in depth comparison

TypeScript and JavaScript are two of the most popular scripting languages in project development. We already know that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, but what's the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript? How do you choose a development language?

Typescript landing and code automation -- advances in front-end stability and development efficiency

The volume of nail business has reached 100 million level, and the data model and interface of nail technology, such as server and client, have reached a high complexity. Interface Description Language (IDL) is used to describe the convention of multi-terminal data communication in the IO environment of various clients and technology stack to reduce maintenance risks caused by service complexity. For the front end, the container ring...

EDI application in electronic logistics

EDI stands for Electronic data Interchange, also known as Electronic Data Interchange. In traditional enterprises, a lot of process operations or communications are usually done by paper media, such as purchase orders and delivery

Enumeration types

As far as JS is concerned, enumerations are not a pure type; they invade the JS runtime. The default name of Numeric enums is 1 and age is 2. Use when it is time to read directly. You can also specify an arbitrary increment

TypeScript - Array

This is my 13th day of the August Challenge. The August Challenge array object is a set of values that use a single variable name. TypeScript declares arrays in the following syntax: or initialize them directly at declaration time: Example: the whole number

Typescript reviewed

Install typescript. Install typescript. Uninstall typescript. Type: 1. Basic type: ECMAScript defines 8 data types 7 original data types Boolean Null Undefined N

TypeScript Nightsnack: Strategies for type inference

As those familiar with TypeScript know, TS has a type inference system to help reduce unnecessary type declarations. Even with pure JS code, TS can automatically give each variable a default type through the type inference system. So the assignment of a1 is true, and the other assignments are false. Different starting points and situations lead to two different types of push...

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