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THREE uses Curve to move the ball along the track

The vertex data for creating geometry can be manually defined, a custom function can be created, or you can use the functions provided by three.js. In this lesson, we will focus on the constructors of 2D or 3D lines and their method properties. Set 5 vertices in 3d space, input 3d spline CatmullRomCurve...

Threejs 3D implements goods switching dynamic effect

A camera is like a human eye. Only with a camera can you see all objects and light sources in the scene. Camera has orthogonal projection camera and perspective projection camera two kinds. Perspective projection and human eyes see the world is the same, near large and far small;

Threejs loads optimised with compass

This article mainly introduces threejs some scene load optimization and implement compass effect, have want to understand optimization load related can read ~ creation is not easy, pig sigh!

ThreeJs Study Notes - ObjLoader loading and rendering analysis

This article is mainly to learn ThreeJs demo loader/obj2, mainly is to analyze how obJ is loaded, texture and material is how to load, 3D camera and camera controller is how to achieve, etc. So, let's shake things up with a couple of GIFs. Tag addition, also...

A Preliminary study on Three. Js Camera -- Transition Animation Implementation

Three. Js is a third-party 3D library written in javascript based on webGL, through which 3D modeling can be carried out in web pages. Combined with tweenmax.js animation library, it becomes very easy to achieve 3D animation effects in web pages. This article will show you how to use three.js to animate transitions.

ThreeJS - light

In the real world, everything we want to see needs to have a light source, otherwise it will be dark. Here is how to add light and shadow effects to the scene. First, let's introduce

Three. Js to achieve dazzle light path particle animation effect | Niu Qi sky New Year essay

Hello, this is CSS magic - Alphardex. Particle animation refers to the animation in which many particles move in order or disorder in a certain space, and the color size can also be changed according to certain rules. The answer is: for each line, go over all the points they want to move, and increase their subscripts. (note that...

Switch panorama scene based on three.js+photo-sphere-viewer.js

The reason was very simple. The company wanted to make a panorama for publicity, and I happened to know some three.js, so the task was handed to me. After a period of research, I found that some companies in the market now are mainly engaged in panorama display. The technology they use is based on a mature paid plugin. So I chose three.js+photo-sphere-viewer...

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