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Parse the cache design for distributed systems

This article introduces the basic principle of cache technology step by step. Through this article, you can quickly understand the following knowledge: what is cache; Why caching is needed; What are the mainstream technologies of cache, what are their characteristics and what scenarios are suitable for them? What data should be cached and for how long; How to eliminate

React-router browserHistory page 404 error resolved

When developing a new project using React, the user encountered a page refresh and directly accessed the secondary or tertiary route. The user failed to access the page, resulting in 404 or resource loading exceptions. This article analyzed the problem and summarized the solution. So how do we deal with normal access to the page routing? This article is a summary of the process of solving the problem after the blogger traced the source and found the document configuration. In the use of...

Vue project prerendering mechanism introduced into practice

Weekend by the way to have done a good static page of the webApp project to do SEO optimization, because do not want to write lame SSR code, so ready to use pre-rendering, originally thought there are so many pre-rendering online articles, just find a follow do not finish, the young I paid the whole weekend..... This article will record the final configuration of T.T. 1. Introduction and use scenarios...

Vue isomorphism (III): state and data

First of all, welcome everyone to pay attention to my Github blog, which can also be regarded as a little encouragement to me. After all, there is no way to make money by writing things, and persistence also depends on my enthusiasm and everyone's encouragement. Readers' Star is my motivation to move forward, please don't be stingy with it. Vue isomorphism (1): Getting started quickly with Vue isomorphism (2): Routing and generation

Common distributed transaction solutions

A transaction consists of a set of operations that we want to execute correctly, and if any step in this set of operations fails, we need to roll back previously completed operations. That is, all operations in the same transaction either all execute correctly or none at all. When it comes to transactions, there are four notable features of transactions. Atomicity requires that a transaction be an indivisible execution...

Front-end performance and exceptions are reported

Logging is a very common development habit for backend development, and usually we use try... Catch code block is used to actively catch errors. For each interface call, time consumption of each interface call is also recorded, so that we can monitor server interface performance and troubleshoot problems. When I first started working on node. js interface development, I was not used to having to...

What is server hosting? What are its characteristics?

Server hosting is also known as host hosting, machine room cabinet hosting, hosting the server can be responsible for their own, or authorized to help others remote maintenance. To put it bluntly, server hosting is that you need to have a physical server, the server to service providers, service providers to provide high-quality network environment, rich bandwidth

Live broadcast technology: From performance parameters to big data, a brief discussion on live broadcast CDN service monitoring

As a distributed cluster, the smallest unit at the physical layer is naturally the machine. For a machine, the conventional performance indicators are CPU, memory, network card usage. There are many ways to obtain these capabilities, and the video cloud uses Netease's Sentinel system. Sentinel system is netease's monitoring system that provides very detailed and real-time performance indicators. With the powerful wheel of the Sentry, it's very convenient to...

Interactive Control of gRPC Two-way Data Flow (Implemented by GO Language)

GRPC ( is a high-performance, open source, cross-programming language and common remote Procedure Call Protocol (RPC) framework developed by Google for communication between client and server. Using HTTP / 2 protocol and the ProtoBuf (

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