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One line of code for the server!

Front-end friends want to complete the development of the website to the server display, and do not want to/too late to learn the server, how to break? Or you make some HTML files that you want to display on your new server? This article is a simple and actionable method! Please collect!

Bird 's-eye view of the front end, and then on performance optimization

There was nothing to be said for 1.0, when HTML and CSS ruled, and you could develop a calculator using JS. 2.0 era is the best era, new technology, new ideas flourish, can be called the front of the industrial revolution, the status of the front personnel has been fully recognized, the threshold has also been raised. The implications of front-end performance optimization from the server to the protocol to the host environment itself are profound...

Some ideas for improving server concurrency

Note that the following content is an introductory introduction and is intended to be a comprehensive summary of older technologies rather than an in-depth study. See the book Building High-performance Web Sites. What is the concurrent processing capability of a server? The more requests a server can process per unit of time, the higher the capacity of the server

Wechat, please do not cache my page

Obviously updated content, normal browser access can also get the updated content, why wechat end browser access is the old content ah? Why do you have to be so special?

Spring Boot 19 Spring Boot integrated Swagger

Swagger is a canonical and complete framework for generating, describing, invoking, and visualizing RESTful Web services. The overall goal is to have clients and file systems update at the same rate as servers. File methods, parameters, and models are tightly integrated into server-side code, allowing the API to always be in sync

Spring Boot 2.0 series 4 - Use WebAsyncTask to handle asynchronous tasks

In this paper, we will continue to introduce Spring Boot WebAsyncTask for more flexible asynchronous task handling, including asynchronous callback, timeout handling and exception handling. 1. Processing threads and asynchronous threads Processing threads: Processing threads are web server threads that handle user requests...

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