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[js-task3] Domain name, what is COOKIE? What's the use? What's the difference between a COOKIE and a SESSION? Validity period of COOKIE

Hello, everyone, I am zhang Xuefei, a student of the 22nd period of Beijing General Hospital of IT Xiuzhen Institute, an honest, pure and kind Web programmer. Today, I will talk about the knowledge points in deep thinking ———— domain name, what is COOKIE? What's the use? What's the difference between a COOKIE and a SESSION? COOKI

Django Learning (2)

And when you see that, it's a success. If an error is reported, you can add an environment variable to the configuration: D:\software\python\Lib\site-packages\ django-1.11.7-py3.4. egg\ Django-bin (note that you will need to use your Django installation path if you do not)...

Understand JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in 5 simple steps

In this article, you will explain the basics of JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and why it should be used. JWT is an important part of ensuring trust and security in your application. JWT allows declarations such as user data to be represented in a secure manner. To explain how JWT works, let's start with an abstract definition. It should be noted that double-quoted strings are considered valid...

Deep cross - domain problems (4) - Using proxies to solve cross - domain problems

In the above article, we learned from this, CORS, JSONP two ways to implement cross-domain requests. Both of these methods require the coordination of the front and back ends to properly handle cross-domain problems. Today we introduce a method that does not require the front and back ends to cooperate, and the front end can be completed independently. PS: In the browser POST method the content-type is applic...

Warner Cloud: How many server performance metrics do you know?

Throughput Indicates the number of transactions processed within a fixed interval. This is usually the number of requests processed within 1 second, in transactions per second (TPS). Average Throughput The average throughput over a period of time. Cannot reflect instantaneous changes in throughput. Peak throughput The maximum throughput over a period of time. It is one of the important indexes used to evaluate system capacity. Minimum throughput Swallowed for a period of time

What happens when the browser enters the URL

1.DNS domain name resolution. 2. Establish a TCP connection. 3. Send an HTTP request. 4. The server processes the request. 5. Return the response result. 6. Close the TCP connection. 7. Browser parses HTML; 8. Browser layout rendering; Summary When we enter the url in the browser and press Enter, everything starts here. We enter the url in the browser...

How to choose Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Korea station group server?

With the constant update of search engine algorithm in recent years, it is more and more difficult to do keyword optimization, so many webmasters do keyword optimization using the way of website group, in order to meet market demand, the site group server surfaced, the main function is to assist SEO optimization work, and the effect is also more significant, so there are

Koa service traffic limiting practice

Recently we received a request for a server that simply calls one of the provided interfaces upon receiving the request and returns the result. Because of the performance of this interface, and because no more than a certain number of requests can be made, limiting traffic in the service is required. The requirement of flow limiting is to limit the number of simultaneous executions and cache in a queue beyond this number. The original idea was in KOA middleware...

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