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IOSer midyear Review | 2021 Midyear Review

It's already halfway through 2021. This year, I've gone through all of these things in just half a year: leaving (multiple times), breaking up, and joining a new company. Or maybe that's why it feels like time flies, because there's no time to stop and think.

Getting Started with CreateJS -- Comment details to explode (My Style)

Secondly, I opened my personal homepage, which contains my own technical articles, as well as personal random thoughts, thoughts and logs. All future posts will be updated here as soon as possible and then synchronized to other platforms. Have like friends can have no matter to go to browse, thank you again for your support! Define a <canvas> </canvas> canvas. Define a <canvas> </can...

Comic | aunt, I don't want to ~

Wang Dana, is a hidden rich second generation, there is coal in the home, the family is the giant of the coal mining industry, but the rise of the Internet, the family's goal also targeted the dividend of the Internet, early years already in the layout of the Internet business. But wang Montana, a proud not training, not willing to law-abiding business, looking forward to through their own efforts, do a career, rushes out belongs to own a piece of heaven and earth (hence the service on a "cartoon | small company...

A nugget general operation of the 2020 nugget annual essay

The year 2020 is so magical. I had dinner with the captain the day before yesterday and said that the year 2020 is passing so fast that I don't know what I am doing. This year for me, is an opportunity, is a challenge. The good thing is that everything is going in the right direction. If we start on New Year's Day 2020, the Nuggets production iteration has been stalled for about half a year. During that time, we've been operating normally without...

How to collaborate on a full package project at YesDev, multi-team programmer inn?

Programmer Inn platform project collaboration programmer Inn's entire package of projects, provide one-stop software development services, intelligent matching quality developers, so that customers have five-star process experience and delivery quality. Programmer inn platform, currently has more than 610,000 excellent developers. When programmers inn the whole package of projects

How to write code that your colleagues can easily maintain?

Write clean code, is the pursuit of every programmer. Clean Code points out that in order to write good code, you first need to know what is dirty code and what is clean code. Then it takes a lot of deliberate practice to really write clean code. WTF/ MIN is the only measure of code quality. Uncle Bob calls bad code wading in his book, which...

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