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2 years ago, a private work experience, worth reflecting ~

Today is a rest day. What is everybody doing at this time? Go shopping? The movie? Avoid? Work overtime? Dinner with a friend? Attend a convention? Xiaobian is ready to stay in these two days, this week xiaobian is relatively busy, but the reason why I am so busy, and what I have been busy, and what I have gained from the busy, xiaobian would like to share with you. General xiaobian to the company's route is like this, xiaobian live in the sixth ring. Leave the house at eight in the morning...

How to become a real programmer

Some time ago, there was an incident that left me speechless. A young programmer with two years of experience quit and told me that he would be starting a new company in a week. A week?? According to the company's requirement, one month in advance is required for resignation. Be honest, most

Android development: high imitation QQ, send pictures cool loading effect

Before I saw the qq picture sending effect is very cool, very attractive, but now this effect seems to have no. After a few tries, I decided to give it a try. First of all, it can be seen from the figure that there are two parts, one is the halo effect of the progress strip. The second part is the process of the circle spreading to the whole picture and showing the whole picture. The next step is code analysis implementation. 1. Draw scope package...

The way out of Android development and the way forward

Regardless of the way out of mobile development, according to the current general development of programmers, many people will always be toward the goal of technical experts, but, most people in the absence of technical experts, they died halfway. Development could have turned to testing, to production, to PM/ project management, or to entrepreneurship! If you find yourself stuck on a road, make a quick decision and don't stay too long. It's great for your career.

Good Coding Habits - 5 tips for Improving Code Quality

Good coding practices are like a beacon in the dark night, guiding lost developers safely to shore. Good code is predictable and easy to debug, extend, and test. Good coding habits can make your colleagues more productive while making your code base as a whole a pleasant reading experience. What I'm going to share with you are five general good coding habits that can improve the readability of your code...

IOS multithreading detail: practice

In the iOS multi-threading practice, it is common for child threads to perform time-consuming operations and then return to the main thread to refresh the UI. In iOS, every process starts with a main thread (UI thread), which is the parent thread of other threads. Since the child threads in iOS are independent of Cocoa Touch except for the main thread, only the main thread can update the UI. IOS Multi-threaded development implementation...

Tencent: internal open source library increased by 29%! C++ is also Tencent's most popular programming language

On March 18th, Tencent released the "Tencent R&D Big Data Report for 2020" today, revealing the data of Tencent in the aspects of R&D investment, R&D efficiency and open source collaboration in 2020. According to the report, Tencent's R&D staff accounted for 68% of the company's total workforce in 2020,

Develop SSL online tools step by step

- SSL online tools (completed) :, including symmetric encryption algorithms, asymmetric encryption algorithms, certificate-related tools, and SSL detection. - SSL vulnerability online detection tool (completed), website:, supports nine kinds of SSL vulnerability online detection, each vulnerability detection item corresponds to CVE, and more detection items will be added later...

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