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Finally, don't worry. I've found these interview questions for you on GitHub.

This article introduces 27 GitHub interview questions projects, mainly makes a description and further dissolves each project through the way of mind mapping, which is convenient for everyone to know the main aspects of interview questions in the open source project in the first time, so as to improve the efficiency of consulting.

Comics | Programmer's disdain chain...

The term "chain of contempt" first appeared in 2012. Contempt, like a food chain, is a vicious circle. In this cycle, everyone thinks he's at the top of the chain. There are all kinds of chains of contempt in all walks of life, in all fields. And the wonderful thing about these chains of contempt is that, no matter where you are, you don't usually recognize the contempt from the top, but at the same time, you really despise your own...

Second, the bitter way of the interview: 5 ali lucky after the Offer, rating P6+

Education is really a stepping-stone, so can promote education partner, must remember the promotion of education! For many people without educational advantages, it is very difficult to interview big factories, many times even the opportunity to interview. So can get the interview opportunity, must grasp, before the interview must be fully prepared

The art of communicating with development

Communication with development is not the core work of our design team, but poor communication will directly affect work efficiency and results. Communication is not an easy thing. Because from the perspective of development, we can see that we may be like the God of misery with its own ominous shadow, every time we come to change the page to change the requirements or push the schedule. A developer with poor communication and a temper tantrum risks being beaten up. Effective communication is more powerful than muscles. ...

How to use Webstorm effectively

To be an effective programmer, you need not only quick thinking, but also quick operation. At work, there are always a few experienced programmers looking at the code, writing the code at a rapid speed of file switching, screen switching, keyword search, etc. Sometimes, you still understand what he did, but he has found the code snippets. Indian teenagers are actually...

Why are programmers asked to build aircraft carriers while working to turn screws?

There's a saying going around programmer circles these days: interview builds aircraft carriers, work turns the screws. It describes a strange situation in the job of a programmer, where the interview questions are all over the place. However, after you fight your way through the interview, you finally get the offer you want

How did I become a programmer

I have been working in IT industry for 8 years. Tell me how I became a programmer. As soon as I was in primary school, I began to contact computers. I saw computers for the first time when I was in grade 3 in primary school. I had a computer class in one semester

The practice time two and a half years of college programmer, checking and planning | Denver annual essay

I have worked for two and a half years. Since 2018, I have made a review of my study and life this year and the plan for the next year at the end of each year. This is the first time that I have published my review and plan in Nuggets. The reason for publishing, one is to satisfy their own desire to express, the other is to tell everyone that there is such an ordinary ordinary programmer, he took some detdettions or made some decisions, if these experiences can be...

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