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When technology refactoring meets DDD, how to achieve business and technology win-win?

Difficulties: Project background Aipanfan Communication quickly completed the product functions and technical architecture from scratch based on Baidu Business Bridge, but at the same time inherited the shortcomings of Baidu Business Bridge's complicated historical functions and outdated technical architecture. In order to better serve Aipanpan

[Highly available PHP] Interview with Guazi Used car Ji Pengcheng: experience of PHP practice in traffic intensive services

This paper introduces how melon seeds from the original state, how to gradually evolve to the present quasi-service status quo, the problems encountered in the middle, as well as our solutions and some experience summary, and finally talk about our overall structure of melon seeds planning. The PHP Worldwide Developers Conference, hosted by DevLink, will be held in Beijing Asia Hotel from June 10 to 11, 2017. The featured lecturer of the conference, Ji Pengcheng, will deliver a wonderful keynote speech entitled "Changes in The Backend Technology Architecture of Melon Seeds".

Zhihu Matisse source code analysis, explore the secret of efficient image selection library

Matisse is a very beautiful local image and video selection library from Zhihu. Matisse code written quite concise, standard, there is a lot of learning value. We can see that Matisse is very extensible, not only can we customize the theme we need, but also can filter out the files we want according to the demand, in addition, Matisse...

New Year's day, get a gig to make a living? Talk about the twists and turns here

Nowadays, people talk about sideline business everywhere and how to make money by sideline business. This is understandable. On the one hand, young people are under great pressure to survive. On the other hand, the annual redundancy information to see the people are terrified, we want to leave a backdoor for themselves. At the beginning of the New Year, many friends may want to show their talents, the New Year to do a good job, many people think of private work, but private work in the end to make money, here is what...

What do programmers do when they're bored? After seeing, net friend: opened the door of new world!

A filed a programmer, you first think of is fingers dancing over the keyboard, the code line by line of characters, but their work time is very long, sometimes have to work overtime to the morning, but the mix is the key to improve the work efficiency, otherwise require employees it's not reality, efficient work every day. So what do programmers do when they're bored? Welcome to learn Java programmer friends to join...

Dude, the light ink guy is gone!

I would like to express my condolences to the predecessors of shallow ink. I have a good brother whom I have known for many years. I call him Lao Hu. I mentioned him in my official account a few years ago, we worked together in an IT company, he is an excellent game developer, very handsome guy. Three years ago, I realized that life has come to farewell friends

Old programmers can't escape three destinies

Recently, I read that James Gosling, known as the "father of Java", had a problem with his age in the interview, but was eventually hired due to his special status in the industry. The real reason was to raise company awareness. What about us? Will we ever be lucky enough to be hired by a company that has other values beyond programming? A lot of people have mentioned that being a coder is...

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