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Designing Better Products using 84 Cognitive Biases -- Part 2

The art of persuasion! Here are some (good value?) Techniques can help you better communicate your message. 22. The anchoring Effect We often rely too much on initial information (" anchoring ") to make subsequent decisions. How to use it: The oldest trick in the book is to use a high price as an anchor, then cross it out and set a lower price next to it. 23. We prefer hyperbolic discounting to...

Procedural Ape Survival Guide -0 wedges

Many years ago, my dream was to be secretary general of the United Nations, with the power to control all mankind. Later, I gave up the idea because I didn't learn English well and realized that the SECRETARY-GENERAL of the United Nations really had no real power and was very demanding. Many years ago, my dream was to be a lawyer. Every day, I wore a suit and tie. I walked with a sound gait and spoke eloquently. But in the end, because of his poor Mandarin and high moral level, he put...

Understanding behavioral economics

The same mineral water or beer, in different places, the price is different, consumers will be happy to invest money to buy. Why in the face of various psychological routines of businesses, entering shopping web pages or apps, a variety of passwords, red envelopes, gift certificates flying everywhere, and the system according to the personal recommendation of the order, group purchase discounts... . And at various shopping festivals throughout the year (like Double 11, etc.), still can't resist chopping off your hands? (I...

OA system experience summary

Preface has been in touch with OA system for a long time, but the real OA system started from December 2019. Here, I would like to record my personal summary and experience on OA system, and welcome everyone to communicate and put forward valuable opinions. OA system is indispensable to the company

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