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Write the Apache APISIX plug-in in Java

Before supporting multi-language plug-ins, Apache APISIX only supports plug-ins written in Lua, which requires developers to master Lua and OpenResty development capabilities. However, compared to the mainstream development languages Java and Go, Lua and OpenResty are relatively niche technologies with few developers. Learning Lua and OpenResty from scratch takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

CODING continuous integration | custom plug-in, meet you build diversified needs

Enterprise application construction has high requirements for construction speed, code quality, construction performance, pipeline usability and maintainability. Enterprise R&D teams usually need to integrate third-party system tools or plug-ins to continuously improve the efficiency, quality and experience of the entire construction process. Each team has a different set of capabilities for plug-ins, based on different management and build scenario requirements.

Day 29: Write your first Google Chrome extension

In today's Learn 30 New Techniques in 30 Days, I decided to learn how to write a Chrome extension. After doing some searching, I found a Yeoman generator that could be used to write Chrome extensions. The extension we're going to write in this post is a plugin that can block social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. during work hours. This article will not cover the basics of Yeoman, you can read No....

Useful Google Chrome plugin

The Axure RP Extension for Chromechrome Better History {code for the Axure RP Extension for Chromechrome Better History {code... } crxMouse Chrome {code... } everSync {code... } Marinara: The Pomodoro Technique {code... } TamperMonkey AD stopper {code... } Nuggets {code... } Tampermonkey...

UniApp gets the notification contents and listens for notification information

Brief introduction of the use of Android native SDK developed an Android UniApp plug-in, this plug-in only supports Android, IOS does not support. Android native SDK extension permissions have been configured in the plug-in, directly cloud packaging or custom packaging base to run. The specific packing method will not be elaborated here. [link] Support to get the notification bar of the specified APK, also support to listen on all notifications. .

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