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"Implementing Web performance testing at no cost -- based on Apache JMeter." PDF

Focus on "Java Back-end Technology full stack" ** Reply "Interview" Get full interview Materials Why do performance testing? Let's look at some statistics: 71% of users expect to be able to open web pages on their phones as fast as they do on their computers; Five seconds is considered the maximum user response time, and 50% of mobile users give up if the response time is longer than five seconds. 33% disappointed users will use competing products instead; Users try the same performance problem three times and 50% of them won't use the app again...

How to do client performance testing

As a game test engineer, in addition to focusing on functional test, we also need to focus on weak network, performance, compatibility, security and other special tests. Recently, the project team is focusing on optimizing the performance of game client. Here, I will simply share some methods of client performance test.

Load balancing architecture configuration (JVM/GC analysis and tuning)

Load balancing architecture configuration {code... } 1. Compare {code... } 2. Set outofMemory, if any, to be recorded in this file for THE JVM/GC to analyze and tune the JVM. It's Tomcat. When we analyze the JVM, we analyze Tomcat. Tomcat has two levels: 1. Tomcat has its own Settings: 2. } This time, we will focus on: GC and tomcat...

Introduction to JMeter and installation instructions

JMeter is a piece of software that enables load testing or performance oriented business (functional) testing of different protocols or technologies. It was originally developed by Stefano Mazzocchi JMeter of the Apache Software Foundation. It mainly tests the performance of Apache JServ (now known as the Apache Tomcat Project). Apache later redesigned JMeter with an enhanced graphical user interface and added functional testing capabilities.

Seriestech announces open source multi-million-level full link pressure measurement product, saving 20% of r&d staff for the industry

On June 25, the well-known system high availability expert Series Technology announced to open source its core product capabilities, open the production of full-link pressure testing platform product source code, and officially named Takin. At present, China Life, SF-Tech, Xiyin, Zto Express, China Mobile, Yonghui supermarket, Love Stock, Zhejiang University and other 50+ industry head companies have adopted this technology, 100,000 + probes simultaneously online operation, real-time processing of tens of billions of user requests every day, hundreds of T...

Locust Quick Start Guide

Due to the high performance testing requirements of the company at present, several popular pressure testing tools have been investigated. Since Jmeter and LoadRunner realize concurrency based on multi-threading, which is determined by the operating system, it is difficult for a single machine to generate a large number of concurrent threads due to frequent context switching and kernel scheduling. In multithreaded mode, there will be a lot of thread switching overhead, resulting in a waste of resources, so consider using a multi-coroutine way to implement Jmeter.

Q 36: Why were the results measured with mysqlSLAP more stable than those measured with sysbench?

The problem seems to be more stable when testing SQL on mysqlSLAP than when testing SQL on sysbench. Why? Test random database, we use the following SQL test: {code... } Each time this SQL SQL is run, the duration of sleep is increased by one second. The first time was sleep(1), the second time was sleep(2),... Mysqlslap = mysqlSLAP = mysqlSLAP = mysqlSLAP = mysqlSLAP = mysqlSLAP = mysqlSLAP = mysqlSLAP

Performance report HTML5 performance test report

As the "most popular" cross-platform and cross-terminal (hardware) development language, HTML5 has been paid more and more attention by front-end developers. Whether it is PC terminal or the current "hot" mobile terminal, the proportion of front-end developers is getting higher and higher. The increase in HTML5 developers naturally leads to a decrease in the number of front-end developers such as WPF/Flex/QT. To solve the "cross-platform" problem of the front end and the scarcity of developers...

High Availability DevHa practices to show you how production environment 0 performance failures are done!

Recently, Lu Xuehui, CTO of Series Technology, attended the ArchSummit Global Architect Summit and delivered a keynote speech entitled "How To Do 0 Performance failure: DevHA Practice in the field of High Availability performance". She introduced the practical experience and corresponding solutions of 0 performance failure in detail.

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