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How to use Tencent location service API to achieve the function of punching in?

Tencent's location service offers a wide variety of services, including location, mapping, location toggle, navigation, and more. Tencent Location Services provides developers with rich forms of map presentation on multiple platforms, helping developers from different fields to easily complete the construction of maps and create exclusive content on the basis of it. At the same time, with massive data, personalized customization, visualization and other capabilities to meet the needs of various industry scenarios on the map...

Use Tencent location service to achieve Didi car along the track driving function

Recently the company has a map function development, according to the latitude and longitude of the vehicle driving, to draw the moving track of the vehicle, and simulate the vehicle driving process in the line. It looks something like this. First, enter the Tencent location service page and then register an account. After registration, we need to apply for AppKey. We will configure this Key in our application to use the services in the SDK. WebServeAPI is checked by default. Before we go live, we...

Tencent location service positioning punch card function

How to use Tencent location service API1, register as a developer 2, apply for a key, create a new key in the location as shown in the figure 3, configure the official API use example (JavaScript) through the search interface to find the location of the individual company: [link] & Key = the key you applied to query to the company location for (31.329716,121.508386) initialize the map with the center set to the company location {code... } effect display: the location of the annotation is the center of the setting. Location for the company...

Tencent location service GPS track playback - Android

When we use maps for development, it is a very common method to check the accuracy of navigation by using recorded tracks for track playback. In the last article, we have finished the recording of GPS track files when using maps. Now I would like to share the track playback using Tencent navigation SDK under Android system

Little white entry must see "WeChat small program map location development tutorial"

At present, Tencent location services provide route planning, map selection, subway map, city selector plug-in four plug-in products, this blog mainly for map selection function to achieve. Enter the WeChat public platform 2. Log in and enter the background of the small program, select "Development - Development Tools - Tencent Location Service" 3. Click "Open" to enter the authorization scanning interface 4.

Tencent location service GPS track recording - Android

A GPSRecordSystem is divided into three parts: start recording, record GPS positioning, and end recording and storage, as shown on the right of the figure above. In practical application, the navigation system is taken as an example :(1) at the start of navigation, the relevant configuration of recording work is carried out; (2) Receiving the callback of Android OnLocationChanged to record GPSLocation; (3) When you stop navi...

Tencent location service taxi passenger end car smooth mobile - Android

To realize this function, Tencent Location Services Family Bucket is still required: Tencent Navigation SDK, Tencent Map SDK, Tencent Location SDK, and Tencent Company and ride SDK. To open the specific permissions, you need to go to the official website console of To operate the specific permissions of SDK, you can contact Little Assistant for consultation (as shown in the figure below).

Based on the Tencent map positioning component, the near and far sorting distribution map of the surrounding public toilets is realized

Map is widely used. At present, map services provide map operation, annotation, location search, travel planning, address resolution, street view and other interfaces, with very rich functions. In the actual development process, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the demand, Tencent location service is used to develop an H5 page for the location marking of public toilets.

Tencent Location Service Flutter Business Practice -- Map SDK Flutter Plugin Implementation (1)

As the current general industry cross-platform solution, Flutter opens up a new set of design concepts. Through self-developed UI framework, Flutter supports the efficient construction of multi-platform applications, while maintaining the same high performance as native applications. In the development process of Flutter project, the development and reuse of plug-ins can improve the development efficiency and reduce the coupling degree of the project. Flutter developers can introduce the corresponding plugin to quickly integrate relevant capabilities into the project, thus focusing on...

Tencent Location Service + Element-UI realizes address search &marker function

Introduction small program project needs to achieve the input address search to resolve the corresponding latitude and longitude and dot on the map. 1, apply for Tencent location service key2, NPM install qqmap --save to introduce the required JS file in app.vue input {code... } create a new tmap.js file {code... } new map.vue file {code... } This is the child component, and then you can introduce and use the Node section of the renderings in the parent component...

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