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| of the technique salon of the tuyere, experienced transformation of traditional "developer" do you want to block chain development? (xian)

In the software research and development industry, programmers over the age of 40 are called "old programmers", and the current fire of blockchain is called "classical Internet old programmers". What happened to all those 40-plus programmers who were told "it's time to retire" by millennials? Don't worry, Lian Po is old and edible. Most of the developers I know have made the transition to management, but also...

MPU9250- Get data

In this paper, an Arduino Uno development board is used to connect the MPU9250 sensor, and the sensor acceleration and gyroscope data are obtained. Arduino Uno MPU9250 Connection mode MPU9250 Arduino 3.3V

Hadoop pseudo-distributed installation needs to pay attention to several issues

1. First of all, press Linux on the computer and try to use the domestic mirror station. Otherwise the next JDK and Hadoop will be very, very slow. 2. Don't be lazy. JPS can not be found after installing openJDK in one go. Install oraclejdk. 3. In the new version of hadoop, the local port number is 9870 instead of 50070. 4. Restart...

The latest security crisis? DNS rebinding risks lurk in many enterprises

Because manufacturers of IoT devices often assume that other devices on the same network are reliable, the default for these IoT devices is to use unencrypted HTTP services and rely on malicious commands sent from browsers that allow hackers to launch DNS rebinding attacks. Armis, which works to eliminate blind spots in IoT security, noted last week that an estimated 496 million IoT devices are exposed to DNS rebinding...

Open WebRTC Toolkit Real-time video analysis system

1. Background Introduction With the development of Internet of Things technology, real-time video analysis technology has been applied in various fields of intelligent Internet of things, such as intelligent retail, intelligent factory, intelligent monitoring, etc. If video is compared to the eyes of crop Internet, then real-time video analysis technology is the brain of Internet of Things. At present, video analysis based on deep learning and computer vision is the most common way. In a very common scenario in iot technology -...

Technological share | don't run!!!!!! Make ROS human-computer interaction more interesting - Based on Qt+ROS development

** Introduction ** I believe that many people involved in robot human-computer interaction interface development will contact or use Qt. There are also qT_ROS use solutions on ROS wiki, but most of the interfaces are based on UI files, but sometimes this does not meet our needs.

B stand live | how to choose appropriate wireless link for unmanned aircraft system?

With the continuous progress of software, software and data processing capabilities, the capabilities of unmanned flight platforms have also been rapidly improved, and remarkable progress has been made in miniaturization, long endurance, intelligence (load capacity + autonomous flight), clustering and other directions. For unmanned aerial vehicles to perform more difficult tasks, their wireless data

Could driverless cars really open the last mile of a smart city?

Smart city is an important embodiment of human entering into knowledge civilization. As an important part of smart city, unmanned driving has been one of the new value heights for more and more enterprises in recent years, including BAT, a Chinese Internet giant. September 24, 2018, Hangzhou Cloud Conference "Artificial Intelligence Summit", Alibaba released the first L4 car road collaborative new energy intelligent logistics vehicle. Unmanned driving...

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