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Write the Apache APISIX plug-in in Java

Before supporting multi-language plug-ins, Apache APISIX only supports plug-ins written in Lua, which requires developers to master Lua and OpenResty development capabilities. However, compared to the mainstream development languages Java and Go, Lua and OpenResty are relatively niche technologies with few developers. Learning Lua and OpenResty from scratch takes a considerable amount of time and effort.

MegaEase team open source cloud native traffic scheduling service Easegress

Recently, MegaEase founder Hao Chen announced the open source of his gateway product Easegress (formerly known as EaseGateway) on his microblog. "We have put a lot of work into this product over the past few years and it has been used in the production lines of several companies including banks," said Hao Chen. It is a product that is truly out of the market, not a toy. This product is not just an API gateway, but a true cloud-native traffic scheduling service."

How to control the flow of the process in the workflow? Workflow Detailed parsing of sequential flow and gateways of process elements

Order flow description order flow is connecting the two process node after the attachment process execution of a node, along the all order of the node flow continues executing BPMN 2.0 default behavior is concurrent: two flows out order to create two separate, concurrent process branch graphics tag order flow display arrows from start to finish. The arrow always points to the end point. XML content order flows require unique ids within the scope of the process, and references to the starting and ending elements {code... }...

Open source summer is here. Welcome to the Apache APISIX project!

Open Source Summer (full name: Open Source Software Supply Chain Light Program -- Summer 2021) is a summer activity for college students co-sponsored by the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences and The OpenEuler Community, aiming to encourage students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community. Together with major open source communities, the organizer offers programs for the development and maintenance of important open source software, and is open to students from universities around the world.

Experience sharing from Apache APISIX Committer -- A summer of programming interview

Following on from the previous article "Open source summer is here, welcome to the Apache APISIX project!" We have invited two students who participated in the summer of Programming last year. Both students are now Committers of Apache APISIX and mentors of this year's community project.

Cloud small classes | huawei cloud KYON NAT gateway of the private network

Huawei Cloud Keep Your Own Network (KYON) enterprise cloud Network solution, to create a minimalist and agile path to the cloud, help enterprises to minimalist planning, agile migration, seamless integration, is the best choice for enterprises on the cloud. In the process of cloud migration, enterprises are faced with problems such as complex network planning and overlapping network segments of local data centers, which hinder enterprises from moving to the cloud. For this pain point, huawei Cloud KYON private network NAT gateway to help you solve.

Long link Gateway Technology (4) : IQiyi WebSocket real-time push gateway technology practice

HTTP is a stateless, TCP-based request/response protocol, that is, requests can only be initiated by the client and responded by the server. In most scenarios, this Pull pattern of request/response will suffice. However, in some cases, such as message Push (the most common in IM, such as IM offline message Push), real-time notification and other application scenarios, data needs to be synchronized to the client in real time, which requires the server to support active Push...

What else can Zuul do besides be a gateway?

First, what can gateways do for us? It can do routing and forwarding for us, black list, white list, filter requests, etc. The essence of a gateway is actually a series of filters. Remember when we first learned about filters, servlet doFilter. To do gray release before saying, first talk about what is gray release, often hear this term, is...

An interview with APISIX's Wen Ming: The secret of APISIX's rapid growth is that "Branch Technology" has received millions of dollars more investment

On June 18, "Branch Technology", the commercial company behind APISIX, the top Apache project, announced the completion of A series A+ financing of millions of dollars. This round of financing was led by Matrix China, followed by Shun Wei Capital and Zhenfund. This round of financing will accelerate tributary technology in product research and development, open source community, ecological construction and internationalization direction.

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