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Lottie - Web animation library for basic use

In this case, you can render the target animation by placing the JSON file directly into Lottie's Path configuration item. High efficiency, good effect. Animations contain specific business data for the current page, which is rendered by Lottie and then updated in real time with Lottie animations. Specific reference: zhihu | modified dynamically Lottie examples in the text in the said...

Talk about uploading and downloading files

Front-end development is always inevitable about the file upload, download requirements. Here is a summary of common methods, welcome to discuss and ridicule. The most traditional way to upload a file is to upload a file using a form form. Just set encType to multipart/form-data. This way to upload files does not need JS, and there are no compatibility problems, all browsers support, on...

Tween Icon implementation

In the normal development, sometimes in order to show some cool effects, but the display color is more rich, sometimes a combination of colors will be used to present, at this time will use the gradient icon, just in the project icon also used the gradient icon. So what are the ways to do that. use

A year of front-end interview to upgrade the road (I)

2017 bachelor's degree, hangzhou, front-end program yuan. Before April 17, SHE was a cute girl with UI. She positioned herself as an interactive god and was keen on researching product user experience. In March, 2017, I entered the company as an intern of UI design. Due to the uncertain prospect of UI development, I decided to transfer to the front of the company after a period of careful consideration (a pat on the head), and learned by myself for a period of time and followed by the experience.

WebGL basic graphic point drawing

WebGL can draw three basic shapes: points, lines, and triangles. All other shapes are assembled from these three basic shapes. The following examples use the GLSL knowledge. Shader code gl_Position: built-in variable used to set vertex coordinates. gl_

In vUE, the value of v-for and key is used

Both VUE and React implement a virtual DOM that allows you to re-render pages by manipulating data without directly manipulating DOM elements. Virtual DON uses in-place reuse by default. When the list data is modified, it is based on k

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