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[JavaScript Weekly #570] Rethinking the ternary operator

We all want to write code that is clear and concise, but sometimes you have to choose between clarity and simplicity. Fewer lines of code mean fewer hidden errors, but clean, readable code is easier to maintain and modify. In general, the conventional wisdom tells us that clarity trumps simplicity.

React and vue. js SSR framework + wechat applets + Grid layout

It has 1,867 words and takes four minutes to read and one minute to speed read. React, vue. js, Angular updates and extensions for the main front-end frameworks; On the CSS side, the Grid layout is notable; In terms of development efficiency, there are two tips on Git and Webpack. Please enjoy the following. Technology to move...

Spend ten minutes building your own blog with Vuepress

Foreword as a front-end how can not belong to their own blog, but usually busy with work, it is difficult to take out a lot of time to build their own blog. I don't know if you've heard of VuePress, which is a quick way to build a vue like official documentation, with a blog

[Beijing][10-30K] Apple WWDC, Google I/O recommended iHealth (China) "job" waiting for you!

IHealth Labs is an intelligent health hardware company founded in Silicon Valley of the United States. It is committed to making it easier and more effective for everyone to manage their personal health. With iHealth's smart health hardware, you can easily and accurately obtain your own blood...

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