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How does React catch errors

This is day 29 of the React Challenge. Background errors are very common when writing code. For example, when writing JavaScript code inside a component in the React project, errors can cause react internals

Vite configuration

Plugin-react-plugin-js-support: vite only accepts JSX files with the TSX and JSX suffixes, but many js files are also JSX @vitejs/ plugin-react-js-support

H5, how to compatible with all browser exit return events

When the H5 end returns to close the browser and performs effective operations, first record the occurrence scenario of this problem. Because our company is conducting projects related to live broadcast functions, during the development of H5, there is a requirement to perform some operations on the page when the page exits (sending an asynchronous request).

Javascript Design pattern

Singleton mode Lazy singleton mode Encapsulation Policy mode In addition to algorithms, the policy mode can encapsulate a series of service rules, such as form verification. Service rules can correspond to form verification rules and error messages. After the rule policy is defined, pass in the rule name and errors where validation is required

Gio.js -- a Web3D earth data visualization library based on three.js

Here I would like to share with you an open source library gio.js developed with my friends. Gio.js is an open source component library for Web 3D earth data visualization based on Three.js. Web application developers using Gio.js can quickly create custom Web3D data visualization models in declarative fashion, add data, and treat them as...

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