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Write mobile adaptive screen method

During the development of front-end mobile terminal, we will definitely face the problem of page display of different types of mobile phones. Today, we will introduce another method to adapt to different mobile terminals, using VW and VH units. Vw and VH are determined by the width and height of the device. The width of the device is 100VW and the height of the device is 100Vh. The 50VW you set is equivalent to 50% of the width of the device.

Geek Reading Weekly: No. 41

Geek Reading Weekly shares technical articles worth reading, published weekly. Screenity - A Chrome extension that allows you to record and annotateinformation anywhere on the screen, highlight the video, and export the video to MP4, GIF, WebM and other formats. Text2SQL - Convert natural language text into structured query language...

Programmer portrait, 10 years of ups and downs

Ten years, fleeting, life into the second half. All sentient beings suffer. And see the wind and change, slow taste bitter sour sweet. Little Sister taste wechat official account launched. More excellent articles. Xiao Hu hasn't laughed for a long time. He bought a house he could not afford at the second peak of the house price, and then his wife lost her job. After losing her job, his temper became particularly bad. He's been working late every day, but he finally got up the courage to get another job...

Uniapp Custom navigation bar

The navigation bar solves the problem that the status bar area at the top of the phone is not covered by page content. Uniapp project, small programs can use the default navigation bar given by the official, to solve the problem of mobile phone status bar. But in real development, the default might not be enough, so you might as well write it yourself.

Please arrange the JS event loop for me!!

The last time you and I masturbated and PromiseA+, I'm sure all you want is watermelon cola...... Eh, wake up, today we move a small bench, listen to me talk about JS more interesting event ring, before understanding the event ring, let's first understand a few basic concepts. It's not easy to understand. Let's take for example, there's a ping-pong ball box, and we...

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