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Realize Flowchart 02- Canvas from 0 to 1

Now we start to implement the canvas function of the flowchart from two aspects, the first is the style of the canvas, including the grid and the background, the second is the operation of the canvas, including panning and zooming. Let's start by looking at two classic flowchart applications for Drawio and the BPMN Editor.

Program flow chart - specification and drawing

There are not many scenarios in which flowcharts are used in daily life, and pseudocode is preferred in the process of writing code. When I recently read Volume 1 of The Art of Computer Programming, I was presented with a flowchart. Somehow, I suddenly felt that flowchart was indispensable. Perhaps the flowchart is better paired with pseudocode.

Architecture middle table diagram

Ali is the first to put forward the concept of data in Taiwan, its case is more significant analysis. As can be seen from the panorama of Alibaba's data middle platform, Alibaba's data middle platform consists of four modules: computing and storage platform, data asset management, intelligent data research and development, unified data center middleware (OneService), and the top layer supports big data applications such as Alibaba data, data screen, business staff and so on. Program flow chart is also called program flow chart.

To introduce to you, this is my flowchart software -- Draw. IO

In the preface, I put forward an article "Ten diagrams to show you how ES works! Why ES is quasi-real-time!" , many friends are curious about what drawing software is used in the picture in the article? Look at the obvious style of hand painting, of course it is hand painting! I'm actually using Draw. IO, and I'm going to share my drawing software, Draw. IO.

Implementing Flowchart Applications from 0 to 1 01- Opening

Just as a diagram can simply explain a complex idea, a flow chart can clearly visualize the organization, workflow and other complex hierarchies. In the next series of articles, you will develop a flowchart application from 0 to 1. If it's helpful for your work or if you're interested in a graphic editing engine, please settle down and read this series. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Architectural mind maps

Micro-service architecture According to the problems existing in the current products, micro-service architecture aims at the actual needs of Internet applications such as rapid development, massive users, large amounts of data and low latency, and designs the business architecture, system architecture, infrastructure architecture and technical architecture. Completely solve the system decoupling, low performance and other problems, and support cloud computing deployment, can meet the high concurrency, high availability, high stability. Project planning Project planning is based on future project decisions, project execution...

Online ASCII flowchart editor tool

Online ASCII Flowchart Editor Tool Online ASCII Flowchart Editor Tool ASCII Charts and Chart Editor, allowing the creation of text charts for emails, README files, text specifications, and more [link]

Online making processes, database models, network architecture diagrams, tools you didn't know you were using -Freedgo Design

We may come into contact with a lot of drawing tools, there are client versions of the APP, online drawing tools version each of the drawing tools have the same function, but can be used by the user is powerful, experience what smooth comparison. The following Xiaobian to introduce you to an online mapping tool -Freedgo, whether from the user experience or price are specific very good performance. Its main features are:

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