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Take you to experience one to many, many to multi-task synchronization in the thick light kernel

An Event is a mechanism for communication between tasks and can be used for synchronization between tasks. In the multi-tasking environment, tasks often need to be synchronized, and a wait is a synchronization. Events can provide one-to-many, many-to-many synchronous operations. This article through the analysis of HongMeng light kernel event module source code, in-depth grasp of the use of events. The source code covered in this article, for example, the OpenHarmony Liteos-M kernel, is available on the open source site [link].

Front-end interviews 3+1 daily -- Day 704

Today's knowledge point (2021.03.20) - Day 704 (I also want to write a problem)[HTML] in WeChat H5 page cannot download how to solve? [CSS] word-spacing does anything? Have you ever written a bash script of your own? What scripts have you written? In The Analects of Confucius, Confucius Zeng said, "I examine myself three times every day." (I reflect on myself many times every day.) Front end interview with 3+1 questions per day to...

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