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Junior year, don't talk about fishing

"Live up to the time, the creation of non-stop, this article is participating in 2021 year-end summary essay contest" preface MY junior student. I started to contact various science and technology innovation competitions in the first year, followed seniors to mix experience in various competitions in the second year, and in the third year, I started to do things by myself.

Signal E, how to get speech recognition off the "net"?

Not only can help you say while recognizing, export into chapter, when there is a personalized name is not difficult to it. That's the beauty of embedded speech recognition. The selection of embedded speech recognition technology is introduced. Speech recognition, which allows machines to "understand" human speech and identify the content of speech as corresponding text. It can be said that speech recognition is the forefront of human conquest of artificial intelligence, is currently machine translation, natural language understanding, human-computer interaction...

STM32 official ThreadX demo code

Just like memorizing text when we were young, there are some codes that need to be memorized (a little exaggeration, but at least familiar). The demo of threadX for STM32 is posted here today to familiarize me a little bit.

Microsoft Azure RTOS ThreadX

The purpose is to demonstrate how to use ThreadX in an embedded multithreaded environment. The demo includes initialization, eight threads, a byte pool, a block pool, a queue, a semaphore, a mutex, and an event flag group.

Who created disruptive technologies worth 100 billion yuan and outlived Ali but Dharma Academy?

Ali official says big things are coming! At the Conference on cloud computing, Alibaba CTO Zhang Jianfeng (Xing Epilepsy) announced that Alibaba Group formally established the entity organization carrying the "NASA plan" - Dharma Hospital. Alibaba Group CTO Zhang Jianfeng (Xing Epilepsy) October 11, 2017 Hangzhou ยท Cloud conference opened in cloud town. At the conference, Alibaba Group chief technology officer Zhang...

Smart home project design

Embedded course project design, using STM32F103 to collect temperature and humidity, light; ESP8266 uses NodeMCU development board to obtain time and weather information, and uses MQTT protocol to communicate with APP

MVVM data persistence (I) -- ROOM integration

The Room persistent library provides an SQLite abstraction layer to make your database access more robust and improve database performance. Room provides an abstraction layer on TOP of SQLite to leverage the power of SQLite while allowing smooth database access. Most importantly, it makes SQLiteDatabase easy to use, greatly reducing repetitive code, and bringing SQL queries...

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