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Brief analysis of C/C++ compilation process

This is a classic song by Yang Zongwei, and I quote it because today's content is like the Onion. It needs to be peeled away, one layer at a time, from the tightly wrapped coat of the compiler... Previous articles in this series have covered C

Take you into the world of C language

One way to learn a new programming language is to write programs in it. First we need a C IDE, and dev-C ++ is recommended. Dev-c ++ is a lightweight C/C++ integrated development environment (IDE) for beginners on Windows. It is free software under the GPL license...

C++17 parallel sorting experience

Using C++17 Parallel Algorithms for Better Performance Microsoft announced support for C++17 Parallel Algorithms in a blog post published in September 2018. It is used in the same way as the C++17 standard and does not require much change. Since multicore causes clock_t to accumulate multiple times, timing has to be changed...

C/C++ note (03): Const in C and C++

Const literally means constant, constant. It is a key word in C/C ++. It is a qualifier that specifies that a variable cannot be changed. It converts an object to a constant. C globals are stored in read-only data segments. When declaring extern or addressing a variable, the compiler assigns a storage address.

The 11 standard ways to write @inerface

Summarize some interface declaration specifications, macros, useful modifiers for defining methods, specification for writing annotations, and finally write a qualified header file. Declarations in.h files are intended to be exposed to external interfaces, while private methods, private attributes, and instance variables within a class should be placed in interface Extension in.m files. These three keywords use...

JVM utility parameters (ii) Parameter classification and just-in-time (JIT) compiler diagnostics

In the second part of this series, I'll look at the different categories of parameters that HotSpot JVM provides. I'll also discuss some interesting parameters for JIT compiler diagnostics. The HotSpot JVM provides three types of parameters. The first category contains standard parameters. As the name implies, the standard parameters, both functional and output, are stable and likely to remain unchanged in future JVM releases...

Implement the minimal compiler model from zero

Two days before the introduction, I happened to find a project on GitHub: the -super-tiny-Compiler, which is probably the simplest compiler according to the official introduction. Just this semester is learning "principle of compilation" this course, my interest suddenly came up

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