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Step one, create the first command

Scaffolding, from the construction industry, colloquially speaking is a tool for building a project. Vue-cli create-react-app is the most popular tool in the world, but it is also the most popular tool in the world. It is the most popular tool in the world. It is the most popular tool in the world. Create the bin directory and...

Project actual combat - Background Management System (I)

Users are divided into students, teachers and classes. Administrators can add, delete, change and check these users after landing. Click Database in the upper right corner of PyCharm and drag db.sqlite3 under the project to see it. Start the project, add an administrator user to the database yourself, and log in to test.

Android tip - View the log after code obturation

With the iteration of the project version and the rapid growth of the number of users, the app will be more or less buggy. We usually use umeng, Bugly, TalkingData and other statistical tools to count online bugs. This article focuses on how to locate blog posts with bad code from error logs after code has been obfuscated. Those of you who have used statistical tools know that when online apps appear...

The command line won't? Look here

Based on the difference between Windows and Mac system command line, you can use Powershell, Win10 system comes with Powershell, other systems can also be installed. Open the "Run" dialog box (Win+R), enter CMD to open the system default console command window, or enter Powershell to open Powershe...

Bitcoin source code read (2) data structure - Block Block

A basic understanding of the bitcoiin source code structure and the function of the module code, today look at the block. Blocks are the basic units that make up blocks, and we can view the basic information of a block by using the Bitcoin-CLI command. Next we will look for the block definition in the source code, since we do not know where the block definition is. Let's try a global search for block.h(or block....

Metasploit Penetration Test Notes (Meterpreter)

As a post penetration module, meterpreter has many types, and commands are composed of core commands and extended library commands, which greatly enrich the attack methods. It should be noted that Meterpreter will send the code and meter of the second stage after successfully exploiting the vulnerability

IOS dynamic/static library support for Bitcode issues

Recently, several base libraries in the project have been packaged into dynamic libraries to reduce the binary package size. There were no problems with the native build. However, the following error occurred on Jenkins: After searching, it was found to be related to Bitcode. Since these libraries support bitcode by default, compile to build is -fembed-bitCOD...

How to avoid gradle Plugin download: Gradle, Android Plugin, Build Tools

The local development environment has been set up, the project is not running down, automatically pull the brake, capital meng force! And an innocent "I didn't move anything." Change the buildTool version of the build.gradle file in the /app directory to "buildToolsVersion "25.0.0" and then click "OK" or sync Now.

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