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Caching mechanism in Node

Caching is an important concept in Node development. It is used in many places, such as browsers with caching, DNS with caching, and even servers with caching. The client accesses the server to request resources. After the request succeeds, the client caches the resources to the local server. If the client requests the resources again in the future, it does not need to request the server and can directly access the local server. Client requests data, now...

Application practice of H5 development in QQ wallet

On June 24, 2017, Zhou Mingli, senior front-end engineer of Tencent, delivered a speech on QQ Wallet H5 application Development practice at TFC 2017, Tencent Web Front-end Conference. IT big said as the exclusive video partner, by the organizers and speakers review authorized release. In the era of mobile Internet, improving web performance is the goal of every front-end team. As the front end of QQ wallet team...

Nodejs-based HTTP Server Plus 5: Compression (accept-encoding/content-encoding)

When the browser requests static resources from the server, the server compresses static resources back to the server in order to reduce the traffic and time consumed in the network transmission process. The compression algorithms include Deflate and GZIP, and the most common one is GZIP compression. A gZIP compressed stream between the browser and the server can be illustrated in the following figure. When...

Browser event loops and rendering

Recently, I wanted to learn more about browser rendering, so I went to read the relevant documents. Because it involves the cycle of events, I wrote it along with you, and here I share my understanding with you. Because the blogger is just new, English reading level is limited, if there are mistakes, please correct them

You may not know what Chrome Devtools does

Chrome Devtools is a tool we use every day, and it provides a lot of debugging features to help us develop better web pages. The functions we usually use are only a subset of its total functions, and many functions have not been used. As a frequently used tool, it is still necessary

Workbox 3: Service workers can be that simple

If you're looking for the ultimate Web experience, you've probably used PWA in your site, and you've probably faced some hesitation in writing Service Worker code because Service workers are so important that once registered in a user's browser, All requests are controlled by the Service Worker, and small problems can become big problems

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