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Kafka advanced features

Kafka advanced features, controller, consumer group partition rebalancing, partition and replica restoration and reconfiguration, log cleaning, transactions, idempotency and more

How does JWT do token relay in OpenFeign calls

When Feign is used in Spring Cloud microservice development, the problem of token relay needs to be dealt with. Only token relay can ensure the transmission of user authentication information in the call chain, and realize the implicit transmission of user authentication information in service A to service B through Feign.

Java shallow copy and deep copy | Java development practice

Recently, I encountered some problems about collection replication in the development. Ordinary collection replication just makes a quick copy of the stack address in memory, so that a new collection object points to the address block, but the object variable in the collection points to the same block in the heap. So when the copied collection modifies the data in the collection object, the source collection object also changes. This effect is called Java collection versus...

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