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Several practices for handling Exception, adopted by many teams!

Handling exceptions in Java is not a simple matter. It's not just beginners who are hard to understand; even experienced developers spend a lot of time thinking about how to handle exceptions, including which exceptions to handle, how to handle them, and so on. This is something that most development teams have in place

Java streaming

This is the 28th day of my participation in the Stream Challenge. When operating on multiple elements, consider performance and convenience, first put together a "model" step plan.

Volatile and memory barriers

The JVM provides four types of memory barriers: loadload: read. This barrier prevents the processor from reordering volatile reads from common reads. Storestore: write

Detailed explanation of the implementation principle of microservices architecture

The construction goal of PaaS cloud platform based on microservice architecture and Docker container technology is to provide our developers with a set of processes for rapid service development, deployment, operation and maintenance management, continuous development and continuous integration. The platform provides infrastructure, middleware, data services, cloud servers and other resources.

The official Go Collective is on Stack Overflow

As we all know, as an experienced programmer programming for Github & Stack Overflow, the first place to look for the answer to a problem is St. Don't laugh, it's all backed up by data from the official Go user survey that shows St

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