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How to Fill out software Defect Reports efficiently?

Defect titles are usually   What went wrong under what circumstances. The pattern of First description   What's the problem? You must also clearly state the context in which the problem occurred, i.e. The scenario in which the problem arises

Automatic test System 1 -- Integration test

Testing is an important factor in the reliability, maturity, and maintainability of an IaaS software. The tests are fully automated in the ZStack. This automated test system consists of three parts: integration test, system test and module based test. The integration test was built in Ju

A little program that tests the age of the left and right brain. Is that real?

So also tested a copycat, simple to introduce this is what game, the left and right brain test by scanning the qr code answer set in the pictures of the 10 multiple choice, topic types are mainly the following several, then after finish will generate a showing the picture of the test results about two brain age, picture below is equipped with relevant text explanation. Shortly after the game became popular, the tech gods revealed it on Weibo...

Test platform series (25) Write a use case tree

Recalling the previous section, we focused on adding and modifying functions for the user's role, and left the query and delete functions, which the author has implemented in code. I'm not going to explain the idea, just post code review. Specific items can be viewed inside the project! Search users because a project's data has been displayed

Pytest Unit Testing Framework - Allure Test Report

Allure Test Report Has lots of cool testing frameworks for different programming languages. Unfortunately, only a few of them provide a good representation of the test execution output. The Qameta software testing team is working on Allure, an open source framework,

Python + Appium Automated Testing - Repeat test case execution

There is a delay in updating articles on this site, if you want to see articles about Python + Appium, please follow me over to Testhome. from Android APP test automation beginner's notes, write wrong place all your advice. During functional testing, often...

Web Automation Testing Framework based on Selenium+Python

Selenium is a browser-based test automation tool that provides a cross-platform, cross-browser, end-to-end Web automation solution. Selenium mainly includes three parts: Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. The Selenium IDE: Firefox...

Test platform series (48) write build history page

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