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Python socket. IO interface test script

Recently I have been doing the practice of Socket interface testing, and I have been using Java or Groovy language to write functions and scripts. Since my colleague is learning Python, I helped organize a Python version of socket. IO interface test script. The Python version does not provide a login function, because there are a lot of things, so let's use postma...

[Platform Development] -- 5. Back-end: code layering

Now that the database is ready, you can polish the back-end code. Now, to explore how the front and back end interact, the back end must return data. In this case, the first step is to return user information. Then you can determine whether the user name and password from the front end exist, if so, you can log in (

Basic Java Syntax (Part 2)

Learning materials b station crazy god said: type conversion casting / * * * @ ProjectName: JavaSE * @ Pack

Mysql: JDBC (Java database)

JDBC (Java Connection database) Maven < ! -- JDBC add database dependency -- > < dependencies> < dependency> < groupId&

Selenium is used to obtain dynamic page data in Python

It's easy and efficient to use Python to crawl site data, but static pages are usually crawled using BeautifSoup and Requests combinations (that is, data displayed on a web page can be found in HTML source code, rather than js or requests)

What you didn't know about LoadRunner

When it comes to performance testing, we must think of Jmeter and LoadRunner. These two tools are widely used in China at present, mainly because Jmeter is open source and free, and there are cracked versions of LoadRunner 11 in the live network.

【 xiaobai algorithm 】12. Sorting algorithm - select sorting

Selection sort is a simple and intuitive sorting algorithm. It works by first picking out the smallest (or largest) element from the data elements to be sorted, storing it at the beginning of the sequence, and then finding the smallest element from the remaining unsorted elements (

Fixtures - 7. Teardown, yield, and AddFinalizer

When we run a test function, we want to make sure that the test function cleans up after itself. That way, they don't interfere with any other test functions, and they don't accumulate more and more test data over time. Friends who have used UnitTest

Test Platform Series (57) Beautify the code editor

This is the 18th day of my participation in the August Challenge. Recall from the previous section that we wrote a JSON comparison method that hasn't been used in assertions yet, but that doesn't stop us from moving on to another article. In fact our AceEditor introduces the permit

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