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Bullet text messages are so fierce as "bullets"? Still overstating the case

He that will sow flowers will not blossom. On August 20, a very dramatic scene happened after smartisan held a new product release. The nut Pro 2S, which was originally the leading role of Smartisan, had been lukewarm after the release. As the name suggests, bullet texting has been growing as fast as its name suggests, on the Apple App Store...

BAT AI talent report: Alibaba highest salary, Baidu into the Huangpu Military Academy

How hot is it? The best answer is data. To this end, qubit recently jointly with big data talent recruitment intelligent management cloud platform Echeng Technology, on the domestic artificial intelligence field of talent competition situation has been sorted out. And the research object locked in Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent three giants. Founded in 2013, Giiso information is a leading technology provider in the field of "artificial intelligence + information" in China.

Tencent cloud released intelligent security monitoring solutions to achieve AI capabilities in the security industry

Welcome to Tencent Cloud community, get more Tencent mass technology practice, oh ~ On November 10, 2017, Tencent cloud officially released intelligent security monitoring solutions. Tencent cloud intelligent security monitoring solution on the basis of traditional security monitoring, added a large number of artificial intelligence application scenarios

Cloud + community applets knowledge Week, waiting for you to challenge!

Cloud + community is committed to creating a cloud computing technology ecosystem to help developers improve their technical influence. This cloud + community small program knowledge week is committed to promoting small program developers to share small program development knowledge, gathering the top team of domestic small program open source projects, sharing small program technical points, answering questions online. At the same time hope more small program developers to join us, work together, grow together! User participation during activity time...

Netease game can shake Tencent game hegemony?

In September, netease released anjing, a revamped version of Onmyoji, to challenge Tencent's King of Glory. Now, netease and Tencent games are engaged in a series of fierce competition to become the top player in the game industry. According to PocketGamer, Tencent games ranks no. 1 in the top 50 mobile publishers worldwide.

What is the magic weapon to break through in the translation market crowded with giants?

The adoption of AI in recent years seems to have had mixed results, but the big companies' aggressive moves have not hidden their enthusiasm for the technology, and the increasingly ubiquitous adoption of AI has allowed niche areas, such as translation, to flourish. In 2006, Google launched an online translation APP; In 2012, Youdao Translator was launched; In 2013, Baidu launched android translation software; In 2015, on Microsoft...

The first intelligent operation and maintenance project open source! Tencent cloud Metis announced open source on OSCAR Pioneer Day

On October 20, Tencent Cloud Metis intelligent operation and maintenance software platform announced on OSCAR Open Source Pioneer Day that it was officially open source. Metis is the first open source product in AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations), or intelligent Operations. Intelligent operation and maintenance advocates learning rules from massive operation and maintenance data through algorithms, and gradually reducing the dependence on people to specify rules...

Tencent supports GPL cooperation and commits to promoting open source culture

Tencent has officially announced its participation in the GPL Commitment initiated by Red Hat. Tencent's support for this commitment reflects its recognition of the open source culture and the concept of open source compliance, as well as its respect for intellectual property rights, and recognizes that open source compliance is an extremely important link in the open source ecosystem. Tencent Open Source management Office...

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