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Node and HTTP: a one-sideshow

First, HTTP is based on TCP, and only when a TCP connection is successfully established can the browser client send HTTP requests to the server. (For details, see TCP Three-way handshake.) When TCP allows one PC to connect to another PC end-to-end, data can be exchanged between the two machines. However, this data is pure data, that is, what data is input by the user...

Internet stuff [I]

Today's content may be boring, but it is all sorted out dry stuff. The road to improving my ability is never plain sailing, Goforit!! In order to better promote the research and development of the Internet, the international organization for Standardization ISO developed

Analysis of common scenarios of TCP reset packet segments and RST

RST stands for connection reset and is used to close connections that are no longer necessary. Normally, the connection is abnormally closed, which is different from the normal connection closed after four breakups. TCP receives a node on a connection that does not exist. RST is generated in the following scenarios to illustrate the purpose of resetting the message segment. The client sends a SYN request to a port on the server, but the destination server...

TCP's sliding window mechanism, talk about its design evolution (how to start from nothing? From unreliable to reliable?)

Understanding how TCP sliding Windows work is crucial to understanding the rest of TCP. Compared to UDP, a simpler transport-layer protocol, TCP provides quality assurance over transmitted data. In terms of reliability, TCP ensures that transmitted data is not lost, repeated, or out of order. At the same time, TCP also provides traffic control, which is used to control the speed of data transmission to prevent...

Summary: THE eleven states of TCP

Because TCP is a duplex protocol, there is no essential client side, server side. We will first define two concepts: the active requester usually refers to the client side, and the passive waiting side usually refers to the server side. convenient

Remember a shocking website TCP queue problem troubleshooting experience

The monitoring system found that the e-commerce site's home page and other pages were intermittently inaccessible; Check that security protection, network traffic, and application system load are normal. After the system is restarted, the problem is resolved temporarily. However, the intermittent problem occurs again after a period of time.

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