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Go deep into SQLite and catch all "dangerous operations"

Sqlite Database is a relatively stable and lightweight small Database, unlike mysql, Oracle and other databases with a separate server process. Sqlite-based reads and writes are written to and from raw disk files, which means sqLite operations are completely DISK I/O operations. SQLite operation has some exceptions, and it is difficult to monitor on the client side.

What is SQLite? How does it work?

SQLite is an ACID-compliant relational database management system that is contained in a relatively small C library. Unlike many other database management systems, SQLite is not a database engine with a client/server structure, but is integrated into user programs.

Use ownCloud to build your own private cloud on Docker

In most of the cloud disk off the premise of personal network disk, although there are Baidu cloud disk support, but I believe that most of the use of Baidu cloud disk will be troubled by the download speed limit, as a habit of free service people should not be a few people willing to buy members. The software environment itself is at Vultr(similar to Digital Ocean, Linode, Bandwagonhost...

Swift data persistence -- NSKeyedArchiver

Data persistence has always been a required lesson in iOS development. There are five common methods of data persistence: The main research today is the use of NSKeyedArchiver. NSKeyedArchiver is a form of serialization in iOS and can be used to serialize objects that follow the NSCoding protocol. Fortunately, most of them...

SQLite uses and implements a simple database framework

Here int, integer, the concrete difference between bigint, also didn't understand. ?? and equivalent logic and operations, the result is true only if all conditions are true; Or is equivalent to logic or operations in which the result is true if one of the conditions is true. The LIKE operator is the text value used to match the wildcard specified pattern. If the search...

Android database framework DBFlow

DBFlow is an easy to use ORM Android database based on annotation processor development, the library simplifies a lot of redundant code, and provides a good API to handle the interaction with the database, let developers focus on App development. Learn about the DBFlow database framework from the following aspects: Extensibi...

Use AsyncListUtil to optimize RecyclerView

Hello, everyone. Today's article is translated by Hevin from The Oral Stream. It focuses on the use of AsyncListUtil class, which has been added to support.v7 since Android API 23. But it is actually a very useful utility class, and you will know how to use it after reading this article...

Android ObjectBox

Recently met SQLite requirements, try to use ObjectBox, record the use process, code to kotlin display ~ 1, import dependencies 2, define entity class 3, initialize 4, create Store utility class,

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