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From language recognition to general SQL parsing

In the process of building the warehouse, we gradually draw lessons from the platform development experience, and often introduce the concept of CI/CD, which requires the function of static code scanning to identify dangerous operations such as database deletion, table deletion and table modification in advance. In addition, for Hive and other computing engines, you can dynamically obtain blood through Hook, but

SQL Personal Notes

The SQL SERVER Date DateDiff function returns the time between two dates. DATEDIFF(datepart,startdate,enddate) DATEDIFF(MONTH,startdat

Explain subqueries in SQL

This article is mainly a summary of the basics of subqueries. Why use subqueries? You can avoid the need to split operations into multiple steps in a query solution and store intermediate query results in variables.

Microservitization of database design and read and write separation

This article has been authorized by the author Liu Chao netease cloud community. Welcome to visit netease Cloud Community to learn more about Netease's technical product operation experience. The database is always the most critical part of the application. At the same time, the more to the high concurrency stage, the database often becomes the bottleneck. If the database table and index are not well designed at the beginning, the later database will be horizontally expanded, and the sub-database sub-table will encounter difficulties. For Internet companies, generally...

The use of sqlite3 under node

Sqlite3 supports almost all versions of NodeJS and can also be integrated with NWJS. In addition to installing the NPM package for SQlite3, the most important thing is also installing the SQLite database, because SQLite is an embedded database, embedded in the client. Sqlite3 uses node-pre-gyp for each...

Flink Table/SQL API planning -- Dynamic Table

The concept of dynamic table was put forward by the community for a long time, but not all of them have been realized. All the descriptions below are based on existing plans and proposals, which may be different from the later realization. Dynamic tables change over time; Similar to static Batch table can be...

Chapter 1 Introduction to SQL Performance Optimization

Chapter 1 Introduction to SQL Performance Optimization InterSystems SQL supports several features to optimize SQL performance for the InterSystems IRISĀ® data platform. Table definition optimization for SQL performance is fundamentally dependent on good data architecture. Divide the data into multiple

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