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Cloud database POLARDB product interpretation of two: how to achieve high cost performance

Now do anything to see the input output ratio, corresponding to the database is actually cost-effective. POLARDB, as an Ali-developed database, is often asked the question: What is the performance? Can you support my business? Is it expensive? Obviously, in the early stage of investigation, when it is difficult to quantify the stability and reliability of the index, the performance of fast became a very critical decision factor. POLARDB...

Chapter 95 SQL function MINUTE

Chapter 95 SQL function MINUTE Returns the MINUTE time function of a date-time expression. The outline argument time-expression - an expression as a column name, the result of another scalar function, or a string or numeric literal. It must be resolved to a date

SQL window functions

The window function has two capabilities: when the expression is rank() dense_rank() row_number(), it has the grouping sorting capability. When the expression is aggregate function such as sum(), it has aggregate capability. By all means

Chapter 9 Creates, writes, and reads MIME messages

Chapter 9 Creating, Writing, and Reading MIME Messages Iris provides a class that can be used to create MultiPart MIME messages (% net.mimePart). Use this class when creating attachments to add to SOAP messages; See Creating a Web service

Slow SQL governance classic case sharing

Introduction: Cainiao supply chain finance has had slow SQL governance for a long time. The application in charge of cainiao has not had slow SQL alarm for a long time. At present, cainiao is promoting the governance and application of slow SQL by other members of the team. Here, some practices in the governance process are taken out to share. The author | | duly sources

1 4 Modify data

Modify Data Elasticsearch Provides near-real-time data manipulation and search functions. By default, it takes about 1s (the time configured for the refresh interval) for data to be written/updated until it is retrieved. This is an important difference from other storage engines, such as data in databases and transaction execution

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