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Spring Cloud(03) - Build payment module and consumer order module and engineering refactoring

In the last part of Spring Cloud(02) -- Building order-Payment microservice module, we have built the parent project. Now we need to build sub-modules in the parent project. First, we will build the service provision module, which is the payment module, and then we will build the service consumer module, which is the consumer order module

Resolve Spring Cloud Gateway dependency conflicts

Spring-boot-start-web dependency Startup error An error message is displayed when the gateway project is started for the first time. The error information is as follows: Error analysis GatewayAutoConfigu is known based on the Description

Spring Cloud Alibaba actual operation (I) Preparation

Spring Cloud Alibaba is dedicated to providing one-stop solutions for microservice development. This project contains the necessary components for developing distributed application microservices, which can be easily used by developers through the programming model to develop distributed application services.

Feign.FeignException$NotFound: Status 404 Reading Problem resolved

This article is just a BUG solving record made by the author. The source of each person's problems may be different, so there is little reference value. Feign is naturally used on the client side to call cloud-payment-service services, and it is clear that poM and YML file configuration are not a problem. There's nothing wrong with the boot file, it says @enablefeig...

Docker basis

Docker foundation,Docker environment installation, Dockerfile, build image, start container, example demonstration and so on

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