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Shell series of build scripts

The key to shell scripting is to enter multiple commands and process the results of each, even passing the results of one command to another. The shell allows you to string multiple commands together and execute them all at once. Format: Multiple commands in one line, using semicolons to each other; Separated. Like to lose

Learn great script management from Deno

If you've ever used Deno, Go, or configured Android Studio, you're familiar with configuring environment variables. So if we write a script or a command-line tool, how do we share it with our friends? The simplest, of course, is to simply put the script out there for someone to manually download and manually configure the environment variables. But it's neither elegant nor propagating, and this article is about reading...

Node series -008-ShellJS

At work, you may encounter: Git series of operations, close the occupied system port, delete specified files/folders... However, you may forget the instructions for these operations in a short time, or the instructions are too tedious, so why not pack them up?

Sed multiline substitution

ARCHS = (replace start character,); If yes, replace the end character. 2. Do not change the source file and save it to a new file

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