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StringBuffer and StringBuilder in The Java language

The contents of the String object cannot be changed. Changing is an illusion, but what is actually changing is the direction of the heap memory. For example: String STR = "Hello"; str+" word!" ; First, the system creates a stack space for "STR", then creates a heap space for "Hello", and then creates a stack space for "st...

Encryption and decryption analysis of returned data from an E-commerce App (IV)

1. The target recently found an encrypted data when capturing the packet of an e-commerce App, and the requested data was encrypted when it made the communication address request. The address information in the returned data is also ciphertext. Our goal today is to encrypt and decrypt this data. App version: V10.3.0

Errors and exceptions in Swift

# # # the convention, the first reference articles: # # # # 1. Meow god required Swifter tips in the third edition # # # # 2. Objc. Cn# # # # 3. Swift advanced (updated to Swift3.0) # # # 1. What are exceptions and errors? Anomalies exist in us

I wrote my official account for a year

On February 25, 2018, I published my first technical article on the official account. Today, just one year has passed. On this special day, I set a flag for myself: try to write a personal original article every week. This year, the number of subscribers from 0 to 3500+, a person silent

Data Synchronization using Kettle (Part 2)

In the previous part, the kettle data synchronization project was set up. Entrypoint. KJB was the entrance of the whole project execution. In order to further reduce the operation cost and make the whole data synchronization process more stable and secure, a higher level of abstraction is needed to make it a simple and easy to use system. In addition to selecting data sources and databases, an authorization code has been added, meaning that only users within the scope of authorization can...

Android-BLE-Lock intelligent door Lock client practice

Open source an Android client for Bluetooth intelligent door lock based on multi-level security mechanism. The overall project is based on the Android platform, and communicates with the bottom layer through CC2541 Bluetooth chip. The door lock part uses HT32F1656 single chip microcomputer as the control core, and realizes the function of intelligent memory door lock by using Bluetooth technology, biosensing technology, RFID technology, etc.

Three offensive and defensive positions for Web security

It mainly uses system feedback behavior vulnerability and deceives users to initiate Web attacks. For example, if you search for commodities on yan Xuan website, the site will do "XXX is not on the shelves" when you cannot find it. The diagram below. To search for content in the search box, fill in "" and click Search. The current page does not filter the input data and displays it directly on the page.

RxSwift learning

"It expands the observer model. Allows you to freely combine multiple asynchronous events without worrying about threads, synchronization, thread safety, concurrent data, and I/O blocking." Functional programming is a programming paradigm that requires us to pass functions as arguments or return them as return values. Observable - Generates events. Everything is a sequence that describes a sequence of elements generated asynchronously. ...

The Next Era of Cloud Computing -- "Container Era"

On April 21, 2017, Guo Lijing, general manager of JINGdong Cloud Product Department, delivered a speech titled "The next Era of cloud computing -- the Era of Containers" at K8S Technology Community. IT Tycoon said (Id: ITdakashuo) as the exclusive video partner, by the sponsor and speaker review authorized release. With the development of container technology, containers are currently the most popular and concerned project...

Effective Objective-C 2.0 Effective Objective-C 2.0

Just as its name implies is to say in their own development of the class need prefixing, iOS programmer development engineers commonly used double letter prefix, like I used to when I was in development prefixing XW, in fact, this is unscientific, because apple dad company reserves the right to use all of the "two letter prefix", so your prefix should be three letters, not just the name of the class, There are categories, global variables... Provide an omnipotent beginning in the class...

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