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How do I access Intranet Rails from the public network

Rails is installed locally and can only be accessed on the LAN. How can I access local Rails from the public network? This article describes the specific implementation steps. 1. Preparation 1.1 Install and start Rails on the default Rails port 3000. Holer software package: Holer-xx.tar.gz Holer supports all kinds of OS system platforms, please select the Holer software matching with the local OS type...

CSRF Token

This starts with the role of cookies. We know that HTTP requests are stateless, but in a real Web application, we need the request to be stateful. For example, we need to remember the status of the login and not log in again for every request. In order to implement this requirement we need cookies.

Rails 6.0.0 Beta1 is released

Summary: New Action Text rich Text editor based on the Trix Editor multi-database support for parallel testing uses Webpacker as the JS packaging tool Proper Action by default The new Zeitwerk Autol is coming to Beta 2. This is the new Zeitwerk Autol... The new Zeitwerk Autol...

The Playbook in Chinese

In the past few years, we have completed hundreds of projects for customers in North America, Europe and Australia, such as e-commerce, social networking, media, data visualization, mobile APP, etc. In the past two years, we have also started to cooperate with some excellent entrepreneurs in China to create valuable products together.

Don't dream vaguely curse, Ruby 28 years ago | M1 Mac OS configuration Ruby (3.0.0) on Rails (6.1.1) (2021) latest

In each developer, there will be a "best" language, in the depths of one of the world in some proper pose no group of people, the name of this language is called Ruby, it was twenty-eight years old this year, the same long history and Java, but it has no big endorsement, its performance is for developers, today will not be able to efficiently use of multi-core resources, It is even "dead" every year, compared to Sun Computer Systems, Oracle, IBM...

How to use Rails Helper

What is a Helper in Rails? A Helper is a function (most of the time) that is used to share reusable code between Rails views. Rails has a built-in set of Helper functions. One of them is time_ago_in_words. Example {code... }, which displays the date in the specified format. Another Helper function for Rails views is number_to_human. Example: {code......

Using Flash Message in Rails

What is instant messaging? Instant messaging is a way to display information to your Rails website users to tell them what's going on. Example: Password changed (acknowledgement) User not found (error message) Instant messages are often set in Controller and rendered in View. Your users get the information they need. Let's learn it like...

Large Front-End Journals - (04)

This article is a summary of the author's practical project optimization practice. I hope readers will have some enlightening thinking after reading this article, so as to help their own project optimization. The content of this paper is divided into the following three parts: Vue code level optimization;

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