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Use React to build a personal blog

I used to use Hexo + Next to set up my own blog, but after learning React recently, I was deeply attracted by its componentalized development idea. It happened that I had time during the winter vacation, so I set up my own blog with React. React is actually just the view layer of MVC. In order to build a complete application, React is not the only one.

The Go function calls Redux

Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Go Function Calls Redux Some time ago in an article I promised to write a further analysis of how function calls and stack calls are made in Go...

Redux source code (two) combineReducers

As Web applications become more complex, you need to split the REdux state, using a separate Reducer for each module. You can't live without combineReducers. As always, review the official documentation for the API before reading the source code. CombineReducers is a helper...

The old Redux

Redux officially defines it as a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. That is, when we give a value, the result for that value is predictable. Redux provides a unique API called createStore(). From the literal

# react-redux basic use

Uniformly mounted on the outermost layer of the root component. There will only be one store(created by yourself)

Redux, React-redux learning

Subscribe is implemented using store.subscribe, which takes a function that executes when state changes in store, and returns a function that unsubscribes. At this point, the Counter component is basically implemented. Some of you may find the app loading for the first time...

React family pound-01-redux

Unsubscribe the listener via a function returned by subscribe(listener). Problem: Every state update rerenders, causing unnecessary duplication in large applications.

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