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React Redux Incomplete guide

As a "VUE engineer", I was required to develop the React app when I first joined the company. Due to the arrangement of the company, I spent a week or two on the React website, and was barely able to write it. Redux is the most painful thing to learn when learning react and other things. What the hell is that?

Redux source code analysis

State is unique. In an application, only one top-level state Reducer should be kept as a pure function. Function random() {return math.random ()} defines the dispatch function, which determines act...

From use to principle, hand polish a redux middleware of your own

Middleware, on the other hand, is a pluggable mechanism. If you want to extend something, such as adding logs and printing state before and after updates, you can simply install the logging middleware on Redux and remove it when you don't want to use it. Say usage first, can use only, say principle again. Story - thunk middle...

Personal notes by Redux

The good news is that it's just warning:dog:, and the file has comments and warnings in it, basically warning when the code is compressed or not in production. The function name can be used to check if the code has been compressed. The details can be tweaked using Webpack. Webpack 4 now compresses JS by default. TypeSc...

React-redux source code analysis

Redux is the most commonly used tool for state management of large React applications. Its concepts, theories and practices are worth learning, analyzing and understanding in practice, which is very helpful for the development of front-end developers' abilities. Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux Redux

Redux source code analysis

CombineReducers function source code or relatively easy to understand, not much BB. BindActionCreators is mainly used in the React-Redux application scenario, which enables React to bind dispatch without any sense during connect and does not need to introduce Dispatch for each component. The react - story...

Step by step analysis of Redux source ?

Recently, I encountered some complicated data processing in the project, and realized how important a good data layer design is to the stability and maintainability of a project. I wanted to summarize the current data management approach in the form of source code analysis, and preferred Redux. Redux's official documentation provides an idea of its design.

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