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Story - Saga parsing

In the analysis of the principle of realizing asynchronous effect in Dva, we know that the bottom layer of Dva encapsulates Redux-Saga and uses Redux-Saga to realize asynchronous effect. This chapter will take a brief look at what Redux-Saga does

Redux source code analysis

The index.js entry file is a very simple entry file that exposes a couple of commonly used apis so I'm going to start with createStore which I'm most familiar with. Createstore.js and I'm going to delete the comments for those of you who are interested in it

Story - saga - finishing

TakeEvery allows multiple fetchData instances to be started at the same time, even though one or more fetchData instances have not been completed before, We can still start a new fetchData task, which means that the fetch will only be started when the FETCH_REQUESTED action is called...

Redux note 1

Redux is a solution for communication and state sharing between components. Store is the object that stores the current state of react. Store changes drive the React lifecycle, causing page states to change. Action: is the only way to change state. Action is an object. There are two types of... there are two types of...

Rough read the Redux source code

Number. The prototype. The toString () : the toString () method returns a string representation of the specified Number object. If the base of the conversion is greater than 10, letters are used for numbers greater than 9, for example, if the base is 16, letters A through F are used for 10 to 15.

React Redux best practices

Redux, as a react state management tool, has kept many developers away, mainly because of its complicated usage and various components, such as Store and Reducer. This project happens to use Redux for project state management, making the program more elegant, so take this opportunity to summarize. In fact, for the most part, we don't need redu...

A brief introduction to React-Redux

Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. Simple understanding: Similar to VuEX, a kind of storehouse of state, you can go to the storehouse to get what you want. 2. What is the function? It is used globally to share data. 3) Three nuclear nuclei

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