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Design and implementation of Redis dictionary

A dictionary is an abstract data structure that holds key-value pairs. It is used in many languages. C doesn't have a built-in dictionary, so Redis built its own dictionary to implement the MSG key and "Hellow Yanglele" values in the representative database

RedisDesktopManager Connects locally to Redis on the cloud server

This tool used to be free, but now it has to be. RedisDesktopManager official website download directly on the line, choose the following regions download faster. After the installation is complete, link to Redis on the cloud server, similar to Navicat link to mysql. The default address of the link is, which means it's on the server...

Talk about three models of Redis cluster

Redis, as a high-performance in-memory database, is widely used in the mainstream distributed architecture system. In order to improve the fault tolerance rate of the system, the use of multi-instance Redis is also necessary, this paper will mainly introduce three kinds of Redis under the multi-machine database.

8. Redis publish and subscribe

Publish and subscribe Introduction Publish and subscribe is a message communication pattern between processes in which the sender (PUB) sends messages and the subscriber (sub) receives messages. Subscribe Only channels that subscribe to a specified sender can receive messages pushed by that sender.

Redis jump list | small volume of free learning

Skiplist is also essentially a lookup structure. The general search problem is divided into two categories: one is based on various balance trees, one is based on hash table. Skiplist, however, is special and doesn't fit into either of these categories. 23 is first compared to 7, then to 19, bigger than both of them, and then going backwards. But 23 is smaller than 26 when compared to 26, so back to the following...

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