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Redis two persistence methods

1.AOF Persistence The AOF persistence records every write and delete operation processed by the server in the form of logs. The query operation is not recorded. 1.1 Advantages of AOF This mechanism can bring higher data security

Talk about Redis basic knowledge

This paper links: a, why want to use the cache? High performance assumes a scenario where a request comes in to query a database

Redis distributed locks are easy to implement

Using Spring Boot makes it very easy and fast to set up projects, so we don't have to worry about compatibility between frameworks, applicable versions, etc. We can use anything we want, just add a configuration. Redis is a high performance key-value database. Redis largely compensates for memcached keys/values...

9. Redis primary/secondary replication

What is master/ Slave replication The master/slaver mechanism that automatically synchronizes data updates from the master database to the slave database (the backup machine) based on the configuration and policies. The master (the master database) writes data and the slave (the slave database) reads data. Primary/Secondary Replication Read/write separation: master

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