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Redis underlying dictionary

<< Redis design and Implementation >>, read books to learn knowledge, take notes, deepen the understanding of knowledge, strive to enrich their knowledge, to understand more places.

Redis Learning 3: Sentinel mode for Redis high availability

Monitoring: Sentinel continuously checks whether your primary and secondary servers are functioning properly. Notification: Sentinel can send notifications to administrators or other applications via the API when a monitored Redis server has a problem. Automatic failover (Auto...

Redis Basics series 1 - Redis objects and encodings

Redis uses objects to represent key pairs in the database. When a key-value is set to a Redis database, the database creates at least two objects, one for the key (key object) of the key-value pair and one for the value (value object) of the key-value pair.

Redis persistence

Talking about Redis RDB and AOP persistence, the advantages and disadvantages of the two ways, according to different scenarios using different persistence schemes.

Redis a dangerous command that directly causes a catastrophic failure of production Redis

As a result, many services in the production of redis set and GET values do not operate properly, resulting in a lot of throwing errors. But we didn't use this command. Through the search, it was found that it was operated by a certain IP machine, and the operator was actually the big guy around me, and I looked at him when he was operating. At that time, there was a throw error in the program, so the re was used in the production springboard...

Redis - persistence

This is the 19th day I participate in the redIS challenge, bgSave configure AOF persistent write policy rewrite RDB and AOF difference persistence application scenario 1, RDB who: redis operator what

Redis is most often asked to summarize knowledge points

Redis is a high performance key-value database based on memory. Redis is essentially a key-value in-memory database, much like memcached. The entire database is loaded into memory for operation, and periodically flushed to hard disk asynchronously. Because it is pure memory operation, Redis performance is very good...

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