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React function component in detail

Function components can replace class components, because the syntax of function components is easier to understand, but it also faces the following two problems: No state, no life cycle.

React-native uses F2 to implement line charts

Recently, I have been working on React-Native, and there is a need to implement line charts, using Ali's ANTV/F2 visualization library. In ios, this file with the components in the same directory, in andirod, manual switch files in the android/app/SRC/main/assets/f2chart HTML, if not the folder...

React Native installation and configuration on Mac Catalina

As early as in 2017, when I tried to use RN for the first time, it took me one day to configure the development environment. As a result, MY first impression of RN was not very good, and I ran away after finishing Hello World. Now after three years, I decided to learn RN again. This time, it was much better. It took two days to configure the development environment. The overall feeling to me is that when you decide to learn it, it's best to take...

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