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Learn to batch generate template files in one minute -- the basic use of front-end engineering PLOP

As a small tool for front-end engineering, PLOP is more similar to Yeoman's Sub Generator module, which dynamically generates similar project files in batches on the basis of the original project. Plop is more convenient and simple to use, and the configuration of import files is similar to that of Yeoman. Here is a simple way to use it. In the...

React Project Practices Series 2

The last article covered using a remote Mock Server, so the next step is to have the front end request the Mock environment. In the project can be directly fetch (' '). But there is a problem here, now in the development environment is requesting Moc...

Build a React-error-boundary wheel

| leads to capture and front-end component exception handling is a very important and necessary. For React, ErrorBoundary is generally used to implement it. Today we will take you to build a wheel of React-error-Boundary

React Hooks tutorial

React Hooks Are different from class Component. They are simpler to write. No longer need to write the long life cycle function Class Componet Ho

React components communicate (data transfer) in several ways

When we use React, communication (data passing) between components is unavoidable. In fact, all of these communication methods can be used when components communicate with each other. The difference is the complexity of using the corresponding communication method and personal preference, choosing the most appropriate one. Of course, implementing communication between components on your own is still too difficult to manage, so there are many state management tools, such as RE...

React Form Solution Evolution

Forms are a familiar concept to most of us. They are common in the context of information input and allow users to submit data, modify data, or perform other, more complex interactions. Today we are going to talk about how the various Form scenarios used in development have evolved.

[Next-.js] Simplifies CSS development

Px automatically changes to REM. Global variables and mixins must be manually imported in every file used, too cumbersome. To avoid collisions, the script automatically disables built-in modularity when it detects @zeit/ Next-sass configuration, so compatibility issues are not a concern. Change the import path in _app. TSX and restart. ...


This is my eighth day of the challenge. Today we are going to learn how to create a VirtualDOM object, and how to convert a virtualDOM object into a realDOM object

React Hooks use summary

React Hooks have been out for a long time, some people have embraced Hooks, some people are so good at class that they need Hooks, others are left handed, right handed. That is in keeping with hooks from the past century. Which is to say that you are a man of the past century without which are hooks.

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