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React & Fiber React & Fiber

This is the 25th day of my participation in the genwen Challenge, please check the details: Genwen Challenge project code, you can continue to follow up learning, mutual encouragement!! Hello everyone, I am Komura. In the previous article, we have completed the construction of the Fiber object of the virtualDOM object.

React Hook Tips

React Hook has been out for a long time. At present, the projects in the team basically adopt React Hook scheme. After several rounds of project iteration, here are some tips on React Hook

React source code

React source code: 1. React source code: 1. React design concept 3. React source code 4. Source directory structure and debugging 5. JSX & core A

Anti-jitter and throttling

Need: In order to solve the loading box and empty icon appear when the wrong bug. The bug is as follows: It takes 1 minute to request the interface and get the interface data, including 1 minute when the parameter is empty. The interface will

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