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Suspense SSR in React 18

React 18 will include architectural improvements to React server-side rendering (SSR) performance. These improvements are substantial and are the culmination of several years of work. Most of these improvements are happening behind the scenes, but there are some selective mechanisms you need to be aware of, especially if you don't

React 1

JSX syntax 1.1 JSX annotation writing 1.2 JSX Embedded Variables (in braces) Null, undefined, Boolea can be directly displayed when variables are of type Number, String, Arrary

React Interview question

Preface The length of this article is long, all dry goods, it is suggested that parents can first collect slowly look at oh writing is not easy, welcome to communicate with you, like the article remember to pay attention to me a thumbs up yo, thank you for your support! Q1: What is the virtual DOM? Difficulty: : Star: Virtual DOM (VDOM) It is

CSS3 transform

. card .. card .box .opacity: .-webkit-transition: 0.transition: 0... rotate:hover .. rotateX:hover .. rotateY:hover .. rotateZ:hover .. scale:hov...

Use React to build a personal blog

I used to use Hexo + Next to set up my own blog, but after learning React recently, I was deeply attracted by its componentalized development idea. It happened that I had time during the winter vacation, so I set up my own blog with React. React is actually just the view layer of MVC. In order to build a complete application, React is not the only one.

React functional component performance optimization

Reduce the number of rerenders. If shouldComponentUpdate() returns false, then the diff is stopped, so render is not executed to reduce performance overhead and computation. The main reason is to reduce double counting. For functional components, each re...

React scheduling algorithm

In React16, we rewrote the new Fiber architecture, which introduced a new scheduling algorithm. In the previous version, diff of the React virtual DOM did not interrupt, which took up a lot of execution time, resulting in delayed rendering and page stutter. The React team wanted to be able to perform small asynchronous tasks...

UseState and useReducer source code analysis

React hooks source code feels a bit complicated. Now I have to learn usage and write a simple version of hooks. Before I do that, I want to know that the next few nouns that come up don't have their own state and lifecycle functions. Accept a props, just pure props presentation component. Updates that do not involve state have their own state and lifecycle functions. For example, the following internal state would...

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