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React + Mobx + Webpack + Express (also supports client rendering)

At present, most websites still have a multi-page structure, but in fact, a website can be made into a SPA. For example, YouTube is a SPA. The company's recent projects are in the form of single-page application rendered by react+ Mobx server. So I pulled the project out and got rid of the business code and kept a shelf to share.

I'm too lazy to leave anything behind. Learn how to React server rendering (React SSR

There are also a lot of SSR about React on the Internet, but they are not detailed enough, and some even make beginners confused. In this article, I will introduce you step by step to configure React SSR from 0, so that everyone who reads this article can use it. Next, let's look at wepack-dev-server and Hot Module Replac...

React Fiber React Fiber React Fiber

Introduction: Read several react source code interpretation of the article, to tell the truth, personal understanding ability is not high, read once also forgot, how to go to see the source code and do not know where to start, the huge bottom running logic even if read you can be sure that it is run this way? So I had the idea that I could

How does useEffect Hook work

Everyone said there was no project on your resume, so I helped you find a project and gave you a "build tutorial". Imagine this: You have a function component that works really well, and then one day we need to add a lifecycle method to it. Uh... At first we might wonder how we can solve this problem, and then it turns out that the usual way to do it is to convert it to a class. But sometimes we just have to do it in a functional way.

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