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To get to the bottom of this, Qt container parallel access issues

During the maintenance of project QPerf, a BUG was found. If you're not familiar with QPerf's business, the last section might be confusing, but that's okay. In this section, I'll reproduce this problem using Qt's built-in unit testing framework, QTest. Define the ProvideTest class that provides the run method as the test container (QVector and QList...

Qt control SDK use examples

Article links controls - 01 car dashboard - 01 dial gaugecar controls - 01 dial 02 arc panel

Qt to write security video surveillance system 19- log query

The log query function is a basic function, which is mainly divided into two parts. One is local log query, including run log, alarm log, and operation log. One is device log query. The SDK is used to retrieve NVR device log information, including system operation, configuration operation, alarm operation, and video recording

Libzip library introduction, compilation, and engineering templates

Qt uses the libzip library, which is the base of many other libraries. Libzip is a C library for reading, creating, and modifying ZIP files. Files can be added from data buffers, files, or compressed data copied directly from other ZIP archive files. Changes made without closing the archive can be restored. When...

Qt write security video surveillance system 44- video upload

Video upload is used to upload the locally stored video files to the cloud server, indirectly realizing the function of local video storage to the cloud. In fact, in essence, the local video is stored first, and then uploaded to the cloud after the file is generated. The final effect is the same, in order to expand compatibility, it is directly made separately

Qt Development Activex notes (a) : environment building, basic development process and Demo

Stay tuned for... Use C# animation development, drawing performance can not keep up, replace the solution to use Qt development Qt controls made into OCX for C# calls, and activex is a more advanced form of OCX. QtCreator does not have Active control project, all need to use VS, the author uses VS2019 development. Qt5.15.2 + VS2...

Qt learning (1) - Create Qt applications

Qt learning process to do some notes, this article mainly includes the creation of Qt procedures, Qt framework and a brief introduction to. Pro files.

Qt QGraphicsView zooming in and out

The implementation overrides the mouse wheel event to easily zoom in and out of the QGraphicsView view. Concise and easy to implement.

Qt calls the Activex controls developed by Qt

Stay tuned for... Develop Activex controls for other applications to call, this chapter explains Qt calls Activex controls, not limited to Qt developed Activex controls. The QAxWidget class is a QWidget that wraps ActiveX controls. QAxWidget can be instantiated as an empty object with the ActiveX it should wrap...

Qt software development: the first Qt program -HelloQt project

In the QT development process, you can manually write code can also use UI designers directly drag controls to write interface and layout, in the actual development process is generally used in combination with the two ways to improve development efficiency.

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