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Introduction to PM2

PM2 PM2 is a simplified node node process management tool of application management tasks, such as performance monitoring, automatic restart, load balancing install PM2 project directory introduction portal

Pm2 is installed offline on Linux

Download Source Code from the pM2 release page on Github and download Source Decompress pM2 locally, install dependencies, and then compress it on your office PC

PM2 implements automatic deployment of Nodejs projects

Pm2 logs in to the server according to the specified configuration, pulls the code update of the remote repository, and then executes some specified commands (such as packaging, etc.). Edit the file as follows. Save the configuration and exit :wq! . Put your local project in a remote repository, such as Github or code Cloud. First check...

[Node] CentOs Set up NodeJs server - Install PM2

** Preamble: ** Since Node is a single thread, if a service dies, the service thread dies. Pm2 is a process management tool that you can use to manage your Node processes. 0 second downtime reloading, I understand it probably means that maintenance and upgrade does not need downtime. Run the command in any directory. The pM2 installation directory is in the bin folder in the Node installation directory.

Pm2 instruction description

Pm2 is a port service daemon tool, which can manage all pM2 startup projects on the host in a unified manner, including port information, project information, and run logs, etc., convenient, fast and easy to manage. # Start the NUXT project and name it "my-"


PM2 is a daemon manager that manages and keeps applications online. A single instance that can modify the exec_Interpreter configuration item to run services in PHP, Python, and other languages using PM2. Pm2 start app.js = require('child_proces...

The Node process manages the PM2

Pm2 is a Process management tool based on Node. Pm2 can easily manage startup processes, such as performance monitoring and automatic restart. The startup method is extremely simple. As a process manager, PM2 can naturally start tasks for other processes. There is a problem with this interface and it will not start. You can see our app is up...

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