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PHP to Excel, your bottleneck is no longer PHP!

Xlswriter is a PHP C extension that can be used to read data, insert multiple worksheets, and write text, numbers, formulas, dates, charts, pictures, and hyperlinks in Excel 2007+ XLSX files.

11 most Common MySQL Mistakes PHP Programmers make

For most Web applications, the database is a very fundamental part. If you use PHP, you're probably a significant part of the mysql-LAMP family. For many beginners, PHP is a breeze to use in just a few hours

Can I write code at 30 and retire?

It's easy to understand the acquisition cycle, which is how long it takes on average to master an ability. A reasonable assumption is that the rate of depreciation of the doctor's ability acquired in one year may be 1/10, that is, the rate of depreciation of the doctor's ability gained in one year will be valuable for 10 years, so as long as the doctor's ability continues to grow, the rate of depreciation of the doctor's ability as a whole will continue to dilute and eventually exceed 1/60, that is, beyond retirement age. Look at the cashier, a reasonable...

Create your own blog with WordPress

An ECS (cloud server) instance with a CentOS base environment is used, and the LAMP environment has been built in the server. Install WordPress on your server to help you quickly build your own blog on the cloud. Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is the Elastic Compute Service that ali Cloud provides...

From PHP to Node, talk about the technology behind taobao home page

The author took over the home page of Taobao from the end of Double 12 in 2014, and experienced two revisions of the home page of Taobao and one migration from PHP to Node, and completed the handover of work not long ago. This paper introduces the change process, performance optimization, stability assurance and agile measures of Taobao home page, and shares the author's feelings in this process.

TOP100 most commonly used PHP functions

Here we present the 100 most frequently used PHP native functions, labeled from 1 to 100, based on our code analysis of 1,900 open source PHP projects using the PHP static Analysis tool. The most common PHP functions are string functions, then arrays, then files. Please click on the chain of each function...

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