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An introduction and comparison of objects in PHP 7 and PHP 5

The Zend_class_entry structure contains a large number of Pointers and hashtables, which causes the structure itself to take up a lot of memory space. In addition, Pointers in the structure need to be allocated separately, which consumes some memory space. Developer custom classes are defined using the PHP language, and P...

VSCode associates with the Laradock container to configure the PHPCS plug-in

This article describes how to associate the Laradock container with VSCode, configure and use the container's PHP environment, and some plug-ins, such as PHPCS. Since VSCode has inherited a lot of tools, we can achieve our goals without much setting up. There is an extra space between the function keyword and the method name. After the change, the prompt will disappear...

What is heap and heap sort?

Heap is a special data structure based on tree abstract data type, used in many algorithms and data structures. A common example is priority queues, and one of the sorting algorithms is heapsort. In this article we will discuss the properties of the heap, the different types of heaps, and common operations of the heap. We'll also learn about heap sorting, and we'll implement heap using SPL. By definition, a heap is a tree-shaped data structure with a heap feature. Such as...

PHP interview: Name as many sorting algorithms as you know

This article is suitable for the sorting algorithm do not understand the novice students to watch, the big guy can directly ignore. The length is longer to allow for continuity. It takes about an hour to read it, but it takes about 10 hours from getting started to fully understanding it (hahaha, based on my own experience), so keep it in your booklist and update it on Github. All the algorithms quoted in this article are here...

Automatic validation of Laravel

Automatic validation: There is some form validation on the front end (via JavaScript), but JavaScript is not easy to use (for example, disabling JavaScript). So you need a similar mechanism on the front end that can be used on the back end

An interview question about PHP strings

If you think about it, what does the above code output? If you already have the answer, you can close the post, otherwise let's go through the output step by step. In PHP, a string is implemented as an array of bytes plus an integer indicating the length of the buffer (note that PHP cannot change the length of the string). As defined in the PHP documentation, string transfer...

How to write less "bad" PHP code

"Bad" project I also did not write less, the following is a reference to the Internet each big guy's article summary and personal development experience. Controller, as the name implies, is a Controller. When you start PHP, you know that Controller represents the C layer of MVC. The concept of MVC itself is separated from code, which teaches you how to separate business.

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