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Vue project package compiler optimization scheme (brief version)

The size of the packaged project is the key factor to determine the size of the resource requested by the client. The larger the packaged project is, the more time the user spends from opening the web page to seeing the resource, the worse the user experience will naturally be. Therefore, our project should be as lightweight as possible, which has a great effect on the improvement of user experience, and the code will not be very large

| bytes of the register to beat engineers take you 6 days entry Android performance monitoring

The first "Android App Performance Monitoring Boot Camp" is open for booking! This training camp invites volcano Engine APMPlus performance monitoring technology experts to share personally lead developers into Android performance monitoring through 6 days of learning and practice, master application performance monitoring and

Android Advanced 08, startup speed, lag and layout optimization

The performance optimization of starting speed and lag is a complex multi-directional optimization, which requires us to keep practicing and summarizing experience in the project. This article is just a brief introduction to related concepts, tools and directions for optimization, etc. In fact, the start speed, and layout optimization are circular phase

Talk about front-end performance optimization based on browser rendering mechanism

1. Request data back from the server based on HTTP network: 2. Visit the page, request back is HTML document, browser top-down rendering, the server will open up multiple threads to execute 3. Page rendering process drawing stage is layered drawing, we can see the benefits of layered drawing through jingdong. As we can see from the figure above, these layers are actually what we call "off".

Summary of UI optimizations that were ignored

Whenever we talk about UI optimizations, rendering-related concepts such as 16ms and 60FTP come to mind, as well as using HierarchyViewer to look at some of the rendering information that UI optimizations need to be understood, but are somewhat difficult to manipulate. UI optimization also has some simple and easy to modify operations, because it is not complex, but often ignored, but the role should not be underestimated. UI optimization should start from force...

Rendering optimization for Android performance optimization

Some time ago, I took you to explore Android layout optimization and Android Caton optimization, the content is relatively difficult, therefore, this article is the foundation of the above two articles, after mastering the knowledge of this article, the difficulty of reading the above two articles will be much less. The Android display process can be briefly summarized as: Android applications put measured, cloth...

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