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Gradle plugin + ASM - Monitor images load alarms

Gradle plugin + ASM technology is used in many scenarios and open source frameworks. Gradle plugin + ASM technology is used in many scenarios. Such as method time monitoring, code coverage statistics, automatic burying points, etc., so you must be familiar with this...

The front end performance optimization series | image optimization

Pictures can be seen everywhere in every major website, because the expression of pictures is more intuitive than words, so pictures are one of the most important elements of a website. Images are large compared to other files, and the page loading speed is largely determined by the image loading speed, so we need to optimize the image to speed up the page loading speed

IOS Optimization - Start optimization of Clang peg implementation binary rearrangement

(because this article will from the perspective of principle, some are already familiar with the students may feel repetitive rhythm, in order to take care of most of the students, everyone should according to the directory can be skipped.) understand binary rearrangement before, we need to know some leading knowledge, as well as binary rearrangement is to solve any problem. In this article, I do not use textbooks or big...

Performance analysis tool Flame chart (2) - Principle of flame chart drawing

As the saying goes, "if you want to do a good job, you must sharpen your tools first." As a developer of services and code writers, it is difficult for us to do a good job without brushes and diamonds. There are many tools for performance monitoring and tuning in Linux, and flame charts are one of the best

Front-end performance optimization

Performance is a very important part of front-end development, and front-end performance optimization is an eternal topic. This article from the browser to open the page in five simple steps for a simple front-end performance optimization method comb. And combined with the project development involved in the specific introduction of three optimization methods.

Understand MySQL optimization recommendations in principle

Since learning MySQL, we have heard and seen a lot of optimization advice, such as do not use select * query, use the same field query; It is recommended to use auto-increment primary keys for tables, and so on. These suggestions sound like common sense in MySQL development, but with these optimization suggestions, have we ever wondered why we do them? This blog post I...

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