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Diagnosing NFS Problems

Why: In my last article, "How to Mount NFS (2)," I introduced the second way of MOUNTING NFS, which is to mount directly. The biggest difference between a direct installation and a predefined installation is that the former does not actively update itself in the filesystems file

Airtest quick question, you want to ask everything here! (Issue 1)

In addition, airtest and POCO scripts can be mixed, so if the input box does not support text(), use poCO's set_text() interface instead. Similarly, if poCO is not supported, use Airtest's text() interface instead. Screen initialization fails, usually on MIUI devices of higher versions or emulators. First...

Queue: Reads and writes messages between tasks, arranged ~

Abstract: This paper analyzes the hongmeng light kernel queue module source code, grasp the differences in queue use. This article is shared from huawei cloud community hongmeng light kernel M core source code analysis series thirteen message Queue, author: Zhushy.

Xtrabackup operation manual

This document is an operation manual for the MySQL database backup tool Xtrabackup in the Linux environment. 2. Environment system: CentOS 7 Database: MySQL 5.7 Software version: Percona-XtrABA

Remember the Sentry deployment process

Sentry is an open source, real-time error reporting tool that supports front and back ends, other back end languages, and major frameworks. Since it is open source, we can build it on our own server. This article records the process of building it and some problems encountered during the building process. We can also follow this tutorial to build it.

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