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OpenGL-ES-GLSL - custom shader common API

EGL(Embedded Graphics Library) OpenGL ES command requires a rendering context and a drawing surface to complete the drawing of Graphics images. Rendering context: Stores the related OpenGL ES states, which is a state machine drawing table

Magic Brush - Graffiti framework based on OpenGL

MaLiang is an OpenGL ES3 based graffiti library for iOS. It uses Swift only, supports custom textures, pressure sensing, automatic brush strokes, and offers some room for customization. This article can be seen as a detailed extension and supplement to the README instructions on Github. My philosophy is to try to...

NDK OpenGL ES Series OpenGL ES concepts

So once you get into OpenGL, it's amazing why it renders images, and to understand how it works, you have to know how to use it. This paper does not talk about its principle, at present, it is difficult for me to clearly understand how to render the underlying GPU. There are too many posts on the Internet, but few of them are really clear, so far I have not found it, maybe the principle is too low level, and the principle is really studied in China and left my own footprint may be in the hospital...

Opengl-es - Case 04: GLSL loading images

The main purpose of this case is to understand the GLSL language custom shader and how to use custom shader. The effect of the case is to use the GLSL custom shader to load a picture, the effect diagram is as follows. The overall flow chart of the case is mainly divided into four modules

Android OpenGL ES realize the special effects of tiktok conveyor belt

Douyin APP is really a good thing, but it is also addictive. To be honest, did you uninstall and install Douyin repeatedly? Later, I also found that several of my leaders did not use Douyin, which surprised me. I use Douyin mainly to read the news, listen to some big Vs talk about history,

OpenGL- Texture related API

The picture on the screen display, is finally decoded into a bitmap, and then display. The storage space of a graph in the frame cache area can be calculated according to the following formula. Texture is a kind of graphic data, mainly used for packaging different objects on the screen, just like the new house decoration, need to paste different wallpaper, at this time

Android application optimization fluency practice

The last article on Fluency concepts described in detail the mechanics of VSync and Choreographer. The content explained may be partial to theoretical concepts, so this paper is the fluency optimization practice. The whole paper is mainly divided into three layers: UI layer, code logic layer and IO layer to describe various optimization points, among which several auxiliary detection plug-ins will be inserted. It is full of dry goods, I hope you are useful. In the App...

OpenGL -- Graphics Pipeline

In OpenGL, everything is in 3D space, whereas screens and Windows are 2D arrays of pixels, so much of OpenGL's work is about converting 3D coordinates into 2D pixels that fit your screen. The process of converting 3D coordinates into 2D coordinates is made up of OpenGL graphics

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