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Android OpenGL Base (2)

OpenGL is a cross-platform graphics API for specifying a standard software interface for 3D graphics processing hardware. OpenGL ES is a form of the OpenGL specification for embedded devices.

FFmpeg+OpenSL+OpenGL+Mediacodec video playback SDK source code and instance APP

Android based on: FFmpeg+OpenSL+OpenGL+Mediacodec video playback SDK, can play network, local and broadcast streaming media. Support the current playing page to directly switch the playing source; Support real-time video screenshots; GPU decoding is preferred for faster decoding speed. It can play in the case of 1080P, 2K, 4K, etc.; Encapsulate common playback

OpenGL hidden surface elimination solution

When drawing a 3D scene, we need to decide which parts are visible to the viewer and which parts are not. The invisible parts should be discarded early. For example, after an opaque wall, it should not be rendered. This is called

01- OpenGL ES learn how to draw a triangle

Your first task in almost every programming language is to print "Hello world", followed by a Hello_triangle program to show how to draw a triangle to the screen. In this program, you will learn OpengGL ES

IOS OpenGL ES texture memory usage

Recently I was debugging a problem with OpenGL ES and found that there were too many temporary textures. When developing iOS apps, Xcode comes with tools to measure memory usage and leaks. But how do you measure how much memory OpenGL ES textures occupy, and whether they leak? GL lives in another world, not CPU and memory, but GPU and video memory. I searched the net...

OpenGL(ES) Learning 1: Preparation

This book gave me a lot of specific knowledge, such as lighting model, normal mapping, etc., which I only understood here. And then recently I started to prepare for explicit and systematic learning of OpenGL, mainly with learnOpenGL. OpenGL knowledge, either very scattered, or foreigners write unreadable books, like a super treasure book, especially at the beginning of many concepts are not established...

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