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Objective-c core knowledge

As for Objective-C programming language, its particularity has been well known to programmers with the popularity of iOS. It is an ancient language, and its programming ideas and implementation methods are very special and special. However, it does not prevent us from broadening our programming horizon and thinking through in-depth understanding of this language. Swift's emergence has a lot to do with Objective-C...

LLVM & Clang, the underlying principles of iOS

Preface Today, we will have a simple understanding and analysis of the compiler architecture system LLVM. After understanding the compilation process of LLVM, we will simply implement a Clang plug-in for fun. So let's get started. Before you dive into compilers, take a look at interpreted and compiled languages

OC basic principle exploration - source code analysis method

To explore the underlying principles of iOS there are generally three means to achieve real machine debugging symbol breakpoint directly with process analysis by holding down control+ Step into assembly process analysis the following details how to use three methods to find method function where the source location, has alloc for

OC Class Principle - The nature of objects

Before we get to the nature of objects, let's start with a bit of code as usual. Struct1 takes 3 bytes, struct2 only takes 1 byte. What is this operation? My friend, this is a

IOS project startup and startup time optimization:

3. PrincipalClassName: default to nil, it is represented as UIApplication. Passing nil has the same effect as passing UIApplication; The argument passed in here must be a subclass of UIApplication. 4. DelegateClassName: Specifies the application's proxy class, which must comply with...

IOS a set of user behavior collection implementation scheme

This solution can realize behavior statistics, combined with crash statistics, can quickly find the root cause of online problems. CocoaLumberjack is a very useful logging framework, also known as DDLog, which has much better performance and speed than NSLog. DDLog can collect all printed records to the local sandbox file, easy to see the current user all I...

Elegant encapsulation of custom buttons - Swift

Contents 1. What problem does the custom button solve 2. Encapsulate ideas and step on the pit 3. What problem does the customization button solve? One line of code sets the position of the picture and the text (the text is on the left/right/above/below the picture) one line of code

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