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The fastest in academia! Lord Hwang teamed up with the University of Florida to build a supercomputer and train 30,000 graduates

At Nvidia's GTC 2020 presentation on May 14, Huang talked about the next generation of DGXSuper Pod clusters. At the time, he touted the DGXSuper Pod as consisting of 140 DGXA100 systems and capable of 700 Petaflops AI.

Ubuntu 16.04 Installs NVIDIA Graphics Driver!

The newly bought computer is equipped with a Nvidia independent graphics card. Although there is an open source NVIDA driver available on Ubuntu, the interface is always stuck, so I installed the official driver and it is silky and slippery in an instant. The following is my method, which is simple and rough.

Linux NVIDIA graphics card driver installed

For some reasons, you need to install the graphics driver on Linux. Here's how to record the installation. 2 environment ManjaroRTX 20603 download driver installation package to the official website search download can, can stamp here: select their own graphics card model can, the author choose to refer to the following: search download, download is file, plus the execution authority: {code... } 4 Preparations 4.1 Install Linux-Headers Before Install Linux-Head...

Artificial intelligence NVIDIA graphics card computing platform (CUDA+CUDNN) construction

Nvidia is the inventor of the GPU (graphics processing unit) and a leader in artificial intelligence computing. We've built the world's largest gaming platform and the world's fastest supercomputer. The first step is to install the N card driver. {code... } Second, update the source while looking at the installable driver {code... } third step, look at the video card information {code... } Step 4: Install the CUDA Toolkit Archive {code... } in the above official website...

A deep learning environment is built based on NVIDIA GPU and Docker container

Build GPU cloud based on deep learning environment of Nvidia GPU and Docker container: OS: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit GPU: 1 x Nvidia Tesla P40 1. CUDA Driver 1.1 Pre-Installation Actions GCC, G ++, make: {code... } If not, install Linux-headers: {code... NVIDIA Driver CUDA can be installed in two ways: 1.Package, 2.Runfi...

Install POP! On the Asus Flying Fortress FX80. _os + win10 dual system

This is probably the first article in China detailing how to install pop! _os + win10 dual system, and the reason of writing this article is very simple, because I was filled with waste a great deal of effort, not just because I've never been myself to install a computer system, but also because of such a can meet the demand of my tutorial, if lucky enough to be finished, I decided to put the dual system, It's a good thing to leave it for someone who needs it later.

Getting start with MLPerf Hands-on

MLPerf: Fair and useful benchmarks for measuring training and inference performance of ML hardware, software, and services.I will go through the steps on how to set up and run one of the MLPerf training benchmarks. This will enable how you can start executing MLPerf benchmarks on your hardware: w...

Nvidia CEO Receives Asian Engineer Lifetime Achievement Award Huang: I'm still young

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has been honored with the 2020-2021 National Asian American Distinguished Engineer Lifetime Achievement Award, according to Nvidia. Organized by the Association of Chinese Engineers of America (CEA), the annual award is an annual celebration of Asian-Americans who have made outstanding contributions in the field of scientific and technological engineering.

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