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A list of common Web design mistakes

Page information is easier to understand if it is grouped into logical areas. Please set the Padding to 120 to 180 pixels and separate the different text areas by the background color. There are no margins between groups of related information, and the design requires color blocks to divide the page into logical areas. So, for now, these letters...

Introduction to Data Flow

Data flow is a data distribution technique in which data producers write data records to an ordered data stream from which data consumers can read in the same order. This article briefly introduces different implementations and use cases of data flow.

Four technical strategies to realize responsive image

Creating responsive images isn't rocket science, and I'm sure you've already created many of these tools using CSS. However, flexible size is only one factor when it comes to responsive images. Today, we have different technologies that help us load images of the right quality and size. This article will explore these methods to help you find the one that works best for your project. Device pixel based approach: This...

JIT compiler quick start

This article is the second in a WebAssembly series. If you haven't read the previous article, we suggest you start at the beginning. JavaScript was slow when it first came out, but with the advent of the JIT, its performance quickly improved. So how does JIT work? As a developer, when you add javascript to a web page...

Reactivity with The Times

In the last decade, the rise of responsive programming has brought a storm of evolution to JavaScript, with front-end development benefiting greatly from its simplicity, with the user interface responding in real time to changes in data, eliminating a lot of error-prone code when updating the UI. However, as it becomes more popular, existing tools and technologies do not always keep up with contemporary browser features such as Web apis, language capabilities and performance optimization algorithms, extensibility, simplified syntax, and persistence. In this article, let's take a look at some of the new technologies, methods, and capabilities that are available, using a new library, Alkali, as a backdrop.

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