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Node (6) Other common built-in modules

Cross domain: cross domain in the way of proxy, for example, I have a front end, a background, Xiaoming has a background. My front-end needs to access Xiaoming's backend, which is called cross-domain, but if I use my own backend to access Xiaoming's backend using HTTP request, there is no need for cross-domain, so I can use my front-end to access my own backend using Ajax to complete data requests. // load library HTTP.//re...

Node file breakpoint continuation principle and method summary

Principles of The Directory Summary Principles of the Actual practice This section describes the principles of file uploading to help clear the confusion. Ordinary upload on the general website are ordinary upload more, most are to upload some user's head picture, user's dynamic comments with pictures of what, so

Yarn Introduction

Yarn Using Starting Yarn is a package manager for your code. It allows you to use and share code (such as JavaScript) from developers around the world. Yarn can do this quickly, safely, and reliably, so you have nothing to worry about

The Mongoose ObjectIds

By default, MongoDB creates an _ID attribute on each document of type ObjectId. Many other databases use the numeric ID attribute by default, but in MongoDB and Mongoose, ids default to objects. O

Get the simple out of Node

In addition to V8 as a JavaScript engine, Chrome also has a WebKit layout engine. 2, single thread weakness has the following three aspects (1) can not take advantage of multi-core CPU. (2) The error will cause the entire application to quit, should

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