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Use Redis to solve the problem of Session storage in NodeJS

Session synchronization problem. Suppose we have two sites, respectively. If we want to share cookies among multiple sites, we basically set the Domain property of cookies We finished our login at and entered B.hee...

Koa for source code parsing

Based on the combination of many front-end routes, I gradually came up with my own ideas: front-end engineers should first be software engineers, and secondly, they should have their own in-depth research in the technical field.

Node uses the Egg framework on TS tutorial

As a programmer who has worked my way up from elegant, object-oriented, professional: C, C++, C#, JAVA, WHEN I was asked to write JS, I refused. Console.log () is not written in code. ! I'm too hard not to tell me that there are missing parameters and that the parameter type is wrong. My ancestral: Object-oriented and 23 design patterns, in this JS...

How to design middleware from KOA/Redux

Editor's note: The author of this article is Lin Xiangdong, front-end engineer of 360 Qi Dance Company. Middleware is a design pattern for "separation of concerns", and there are many ways to implement it. This article will only discuss how KoA/Redux designs middleware. This pattern has two characteristics: the middleware middle is a function M

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