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Nodejs require function

The version of this document is V11.12.0. This article mainly analyzes the result of Nodejs require import JSON and JS files, and briefly involves Nodejs module export module.exports and exports usage. Therefore, the study of Nodejs require is extended. In the Node...

Hexo + GitHub Actions + OSS blog system construction

The Hexo blog should be familiar and easy to use, just generate static files locally and push them to Github. If necessary, you can also configure custom domain names for Github Pages. But access to Github Pages was impressive, and Github. IO DNS was often tainted or simply unstable. Every time the...

Implement the SVG transformation service using Puppeteer

Previously, we developed a service that uses SVG elements to make posters. The general business logic is that users upload pictures as materials, and add some artistic text as materials; Support the 2D transformation of each material, finally the whole export a picture of the project; The best competitor on the market right now

Nex.js from zero to one series (iii) : Use JWT to implement registration and login

The previous article explained how to use Sequelize to connect to MySQL. Next, we will extend the original code to allow users to register and log in. GitHub project address, welcome everyone Star. One is to create a random salt, and the other is to encrypt the password based on the salt. These two functions will run through registration and registration...

You don't know node.js performance optimizations

"When I first knew I was going to write this article, I actually refused, because I thought, you can't ask me to write it right away, I need to have something good, write some cliches and then add a lot of special effects, the Node.js performance is like Duang~, that readers will scold me, There is no such thing as performance optimization in Node.js, it's fake."

HTTP Cookies explore practices

HTTP Cookie An HTTP Cookie (also called a Web Cookie or browser Cookie) is a piece of data that a server sends to a user's browser and stores locally. It is carried and stored when the browser sends a request to the same server next time

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