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Detailed Nginx installation and configuration

Engine X (Nginx) is a high-performance Web server and reverse proxy server, can also be used as a mail proxy server, using C language development. Nginx is characterized by small memory, strong concurrent processing capability, high performance, low system resource elimination

? Nginx to know about the front-end

Forward proxy: If there is no way to access in China, we can access a server Z that can access Let the server Z access and return the content of to us. This server Z is called a proxy server. Ps2: Docker needs to go into the container to view the configuration, execute...

10,000-word summary, systematized to bring you a comprehensive understanding of Nginx!

Nginx is an open source, high-performance, and reliable Web and reverse proxy server that supports hot deployment and can be run almost 7 * 24 hours a day, even if it runs for months without a restart, and can be hot-updated to software versions without interruption of service. Performance is the most important consideration for Nginx, with low memory footprint, concurrency, and support of up to 5W...

Nginx configurates single-page applications

In the last installment, we talked about how to run a front-end project on a new server with Nginx, but there are still many drawbacks, such as how to run multiple projects under Nginx, and the common reasons for refreshing white space in spa single-page projects and how to handle them. Same port number

Front-end Nginx deploys Web services

Foreword As a front-end developer, you usually just write business code and resource references. As far as deploying to the server, getting it up and running is basically operations. However, in the actual project, we often need to master the relevant knowledge of deployment. For example, nginx, port, HTTPS how

[Nginx] The number of concurrent requests is too high. I was wrong about Nginx this time!!

The traffic of the Nginx server is very high, and the following error information is repeatedly displayed in the Nginx error log. Why? The reason is simple: Nginx can't open that many file handles, partly because I haven't configured the maximum number of files that Nginx can open. CentOS 6.8 has a limit on the number of file handles that can be opened.

Build a PHP development environment with Docker

If you are interested or interested in US stocks, you can add me on wechat: Xiaobei060537, and communicate with me at ?. If you have a project, you need to build an environment for local development, and you need to build an environment for online development. If you want to play in the company, you need to build an environment, but you don't need to build an environment, because your environment depends on a lot. If there is a Do...

Detailed Nginx log configuration

Nginx logs are useful for statistics and system service troubleshooting. Nginx logs are classified into two types: access_log and error_log. Through the access log, we can get the user's IP address, browser information, request processing time and other information. The error log records information about access errors and helps us locate the cause of errors. In this article, we will...

Learning how to deploy code from scratch

Think of their time in the company, are basically write business, do front-end related work, but for other aspects is dabbled in less, or basic no. Again, when I was in the interview, the interviewer would ask some off-stack questions, such as how your company's code was released and deployed. At this time, I was completely confused. This made me want to know how to deploy code, and here's how to do it, for the record. Cloud service...

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