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WiFi test

• If the expansion board is connected to the LED and the installation is normal, and then the USB cable is used to connect the power supply, the LED will light up, and the LED LCD screen will display; If not, it doesn't matter, we will continue to check the next serial port test;

Understanding Layer 7 Protocols (1)

Another example is that Alice and Bob write letters to each other, and the other receives them. In other words, Alice sends messages to Bob (push), and Bob receives them. This communication mode is SMTP.

Agora education APAAS smart class upgrade: UI and business logic separation, interface, function customization more flexible

Acoustic network AGORA education APAAS product smart class has been upgraded to V1.1.0 version. Agora Smart Classroom can help educational institutions and developers to launch their own brand, full-featured online interactive teaching platform in 15 minutes at the fastest, saving 90% of development time. As of March 31, the number of registered users has exceeded 1000, the number of supported classes has exceeded 500,000 / month, and the total number of students covering the world has exceeded 4 million.

Cloud small classes | huawei cloud KYON NAT gateway of the private network

Huawei Cloud Keep Your Own Network (KYON) enterprise cloud Network solution, to create a minimalist and agile path to the cloud, help enterprises to minimalist planning, agile migration, seamless integration, is the best choice for enterprises on the cloud. In the process of cloud migration, enterprises are faced with problems such as complex network planning and overlapping network segments of local data centers, which hinder enterprises from moving to the cloud. For this pain point, huawei Cloud KYON private network NAT gateway to help you solve.

Basic knowledge of | detection of understanding and the understanding to the target

We are already familiar with the image classification task, which is to classify the objects in the algorithm. And today we are going to learn about another problem of building neural networks, namely target detection. This means that not only do we have to use the algorithm to determine whether or not a car is in the picture, but we also have to mark its position in the picture and surround the car with a border or a red square, which is the object detection problem. In this paper, the basic knowledge of target detection algorithm for a brief review, to facilitate everyone...

QCON Live Audio & Video: Best Practices and Future Prospects for Real-Time Interaction

Interactive live broadcasting, online conference, online medical treatment and online education are important scenarios for the application of real-time audio and video technology, and these scenarios have strict requirements for high availability, high reliability and low delay. Many teams will encounter various problems in the development of audio and video products. For example: fluency, if the video process is frequently stalled, it is basically difficult to have good interaction; Echo cancellation, which is picked up and transmitted by the microphone through ambient reflection, also affects mutual...

Internet of Things communication technology, things you didn't know

Abstract: Communication technology is the foundation of the Internet of Things. If the Internet of Things is compared to the logistics system, then communication technology is equivalent to a variety of transportation methods to send express, such as air, water and land transportation. In the communication technology, generally it can be divided into two categories, one is wireless communication technology, the other is wired communication technology.

Commonly used network commands under Windows

Purpose: Used to detect whether the network is smooth, and the network delay (work in ICMP protocol); The ability to display the amount of time in milliseconds between sending a request and returning a reply. If the reply time is short, it means that the datagram does not have to go through too many routers or networks and the connection speed is faster. Ping is similar to a test program. If run correctly, it can basically troubleshoot faults in the network access layer, the input and output lines, cables, and routers of the network card and MODEM.

Thor: Mindspore self-research high-order optimizer source code analysis and practical applications

Abstract: In this article, I would like to share with you the practical application of THOR. Part of THOR algorithm is now open source in MindSpore. This article is shared from MindSpore's self-developed high-order optimizer source code analysis and practical application. The original author is HWCloudai. In this article, I want to share with you some practical applications of Thor. Part of the Thor algorithm is currently open source in Mindspore.

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